Saturday, 28 March 2009

1st Chemo - Day 3

Feeling brighter again today. Had broken sleep last night but didn’t get back to sleep for a while so overslept and Holly got her self off to school. Got up just as the bin men arrived so made a mad rush with all the recycling I forgot to put out the night before. Holly helped as well and we got it sorted.

I did breakfast this morning, Egg and soldiers sounded like another good plan. Made a couple of phone calls then off we went to Glastonbury to buy some meditation tapes. Decided on a hot chocolate when we got there so went into our favourite cafe made our order and decided to sit by the breakfast bar facing the window. Well Rachel got up on stool ok but as the foot bar on stool was high, shorty here struggled. Rachel nearly asked for a box but the waitress was too busy laughing at me. I had to lean the stool right over to put my foot on then use the table to hoist myself up!! It was worth it.

Left Glastonbury with purchases, Anne called round for cup of tea then Rachel and I went to sorting office as I suspected one of the wigs had arrived. Called into train station but refused to buy Laura’s ticket for a £10 charge (as the money hadn’t got into her back account) so called Worcester and Colin and Sandra were on the case. THANK YOU !!

When I got back Holly said Kath from work and been round and dropped off some flowers and a magazine. I was gutted I missed her. Called her and Holly neglected to tell me she had also given her some kinder eggs…..

Came home and didn’t want to do anything, lay on sofa watching T.V. Mouth started to water, wanted food but didn’t know what to have and didn’t want to do anything. So, one hour later, fish and chips, KFC and one teenager picked up from train station. My fish and chips went down really well with Baked Beans and Bucks fizz….


  1. Mmmmm... Fish, chips, beans, and bucks fizz! Living it up a bit aren't you?

    Might try the bucks fizz this morning (you can legally drink it in the morning can't you Sue?) with my kebab leftovers from last night;-)

  2. Rather you then me chuck. I'm on blueberry cranberry with Sparkling water :-)

  3. Talk about a cliffhanger...had the wig arrived, or not??

  4. Talking of cliffs, or more specifically mountains, about this Kilimanjaro business, I'm in so long as you can guarantee me ensuite accommodation and somewhere to plug my straightening irons in!!

  5. One wig has arrived, going to wait till the rest get here. As for KMJO Ensuite accommodation can be arranged and sure we can get hold of portable irons !!

  6. You've gone quiet - are you ok - keeping clear as you really don't want this stinking cold that Nige's passed onto me