Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Drug free summer over and back in Cancer land.

"I have some good news and some bad news" is what my consultant said to me this morning.  I have had a lovely summer not being in cancer land then back to reality with a little bump.

The good news is that the CT scan has reported no significant change and no new liver lesions. The report author noted changes in the right kidney but I need to research to find out more as this wasn't discussed.  I also pointed out that more good news was they had the report ready for my consultation.  Ok I did have to wait 40 minutes!

The bad news was my blood test results.  My liver functions have shot out of range as have my tumour markers, indicative of changes happening that have not been captured in my scan.  This means that he would prefer me to have another course of chemotherapy in case the liver functions deteriorate further.

During the summer holidays I have not been keeping with routines, milk thistle etc, so we have agreed that I have 3 weeks to bring my liver functions back in range and then we can make a decision about the next course of action. 

This wasn't news I wanted to hear however I know I can manage it as proved earlier on in the year.

The other meeting I had today was with a consultant surgeon looking at improving my breast symmetry.  It will be easier to use an implant but of course this requires general anaesthetic so I have to wait until my bloods have improved.

Taking my mind off the prospect of being on more chemo, I am very excited about the charity bash that we are organising on November 10th 2012.  The website www.scccbash.co.uk  should be available imminently and strangely I can access it at work but not at home.  In summary -
  • Black Tie Charity event at the Somerset County Crick Club in Taunton.
  • 3 course sit down meal
  • Live music and disco
  • Charity Auction
  • £35 a ticket
  • email scccbash@gmail.com for details on how to obtain tickets either on line or by cheque
  • Tables can be bought as well seating between 8 and 12 people.
All proceeds from the evening will go to the Penny Brohn Cancer centre in Bristol.

This is just a little bump and I have a ball gown to shop for and renal pelvis conditions to research.  What an exciting life I lead :-)