Friday, 10 April 2009


Hi All. Sorry not posted. I have been progressively bright but tired. Round 1 not too bad.

Been busy. I have instigated a referral to our local Hospice as an outpatient to receive complementary therapy. I met with another wig lady who was more then helpful then just the wigs. She’s given me contacts for well being clinics run for cancer patients so will give them a try as well

Went to group on Tuesday 31st March with Rachel, where I had a foot massage and meditation. Made sure Rachel got on the train home. Came home for my afternoon nap, Holly bounds in with “I’m not feeling very well so didn’t go to cook club” and subsequently didn’t want to go to school on Wednesday. We compromised and she went in after lunch.

I did eventually try a wig on in the house. Haven’t felt any enthusiasm to do this before. Karen and Chloe were saved when they popped round Tuesday, but Wednesday, after encouragement from lovely Irish wig lady, put on my wig to show Bianca, (who came down for a few days to pamper me). I was startled how brighter it looked when on not sure how that happened as it didn’t look that bright earlier.

Colin text me to check I was ok as hadn’t updated blog. See it works - takes all the pressure out of contacting everyone and I am pleased he’s taken up this idea. His treatment plan starts April 20th in Manchester. I will think of his treatment when I have round 2 of mine to distract me as mine is more pleasant. (Yes my chemo treatment is more pleasant)!

Thursday Bianca and I had a fabulous pampering day. The sun came out to support us which made me feel great. There is nothing like fresh sea air to blow the cobwebs away and make you feel better (even managed a number 2 toilet stop).

Bianca being here has been great for both myself and Holly. Thanks to all the McGarry’s, the boys for lending her to us and Bianca for being here. After our pampering on Thursday we did some spring cleaning on Friday. I have to mention the Hoover incident. Admittedly ours was on it’s way out however, after Bianca using it for a short time on Friday mine finally died. I changed the fuse, still dead, time for a new one. Who better to go Hoover shopping then with the girl that cannot live without her Hoover. We got one (which has been christened Bianca) and all was happy in the house again.

On Saturday 4th April after Bianca left I went to bed as I was just plain exhausted. With the help of half a z tab was able to get a few hours sleep. Holly, my lovely angel, had decided to get busy in the kitchen and made Fruit Smoothies and chocolate bunnies. The kitchen didn’t look too bad either bless her and she saved me a glass and brought that up to me in bed. When I felt better, off we went to pizza hut and then cinema to see Marley and me. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves however I know it didn’t make up for her friend Luke not calling her to confirm their cinema outing...

Starting on Monday 6th April I went back into work around the appointments I had. I was anxious but it was great to see everyone and the anxiety soon went. I experienced some Reiki on Tuesday. Wednesday (Happy Anniversery Dave ) Laura lou came down on her own, and we arranged with my friend Alex to go to the cinema that evening. Unfortunately this was also the day that a skin tag that I have on my bum has progressively become inflamed causing me much discomfort. Thinking I was constipated again I took my senna and prune cube but the pain was getting on my nerves. Dr’s practice called to say my paperwork was ready for me to collect so I seized the opportunity to speak to the duty Dr who happily did a prescription for me for some Anugesic cream to relieve the pain and inflammation and Lactulose to soften the bowel contents. I was so happy what a service, went down and picked it up. Decided to go to the Asda pharmacy to get my prescription but they had no cream and asked if could I wait. I know I didn’t make the effort to phone the Dr’s but they had now given me hope and I wasn’t prepared to wait. The lovely pharmacist at Asda phoned the Pharmacy that I was going to next to check they had in stock what I needed!!! What another episode of fabulous customer service!!! Picked up Alex, went off to Sainsbury’s pharmacy. The pharmacist was concerned that the Lactulose would expire in June. Advised not too worried, being on chemo I suspect I would find it useful before the expiry date. I went to the ladies, applied cream, took potion and got the cinema before the film started.

What I hadn’t appreciated was that I was not constipated, my bowels just couldn’t empty with enflamed skin tag guarding the exit. Lactulose works very quickly, well certainly did in my case. I have never experienced such pain in my belly. I could feel the gas bubbling away but I wanted to watch the rest of the film. When it finished I did not hang around, I was almost doubled up in pain. Alex bless her offered me the use of her bathroom bit I declined and said I would be ok I just want my own bathroom and thankfully I made it. And Laura lou bless her cottons came in and passed me the cream to re apply as I had left this downstairs in my endeavour to relieve myself of my agony. Now there’s unconditional love ………

Thursday I was still in some pain but managed 2 number 2’s before leaving for work. Went to pub and enjoyed a pint of Guinness, medicinal purposes of course. Had a lovely evening, Lynne trooped up on route to Worcs however I realised I had not been imagining that I was moulting. I had been picking up hairs off my desk all day and my coat was covered. This morning Friday, I got my wigs out to show Lynne. A 2nd one had arrived but I hadn’t tried it on. Once I had tried both on I realised the 2nd wig was the one I was happier with. Fully resolved that I needed to book the hairdresser the next day as my hair was just getting on my nerves, picking it of my face, arms and food. Typical really, the day I need to get my hair cut, Good Friday everywhere is shut. And how lucky am I. Had 2 offers of help, Anne and Clair thank you both and thank you Anne for doing the honours. Salon a la Bebbingtons was not traumatic and I even had a bottle of cider thrown in. I know full well I would have sunk into self pity at a hairdressers but having friends around me taking the mickey, is what has helped me through today. When I feel a bit braver and got used to it I will post a picture of my Sinead O’Connor look. I am laughing as I’m stroking my hair and remembering when the venture scouts had their hair in a No 2 I used to do the same to them. Laura has called me uncle fester and asked me to put my wig on but she wouldn’t do the washing up so the wig stayed off and I started singing “Nothing compares to you”.

Evil Aunty Sue…


  1. Well if you put it on back to front, you'll be cousin "IT"! talk about dual personality ;-)


  2. Am thinking about offering my hairdressing services to the armed forces - not bad with a pair of clippers if I say so myself - just glad I was there to help Sue (((hugs)))

  3. no you were not bad at all even if only a select few get to see it xxxxx

  4. Yay for the return of the blog,and hats off to Laura, she's a brave brave girl to venture through the toxic gases and deliver the cream!