Friday, 6 April 2012

Another good result!

and apologies for not updating this blog sooner only I still feel quite deflated over the way the appointment went last week. My Onc apologised to me as the CT Scan results from the 20th March had not been reported so she had examined the scan and could confirm that it looked stable.  I felt so dissappointed by this even though this is good news.  My bloods are great which is more good news and she agreed she would email when she got the report and my prescription ready for Cycle 5.

I trotted across once I got the email and the report I was given was a summary stating "Some of them have dimished in size since the previous study"  I then asked what size was the largest toumor and she reluctantly told me 20mm.  FANTASTIC 6mm reduction!!  I have asked for the complex report which will confirm this but this is what I wanted to hear on my appt.  I feel let down and deflated on how this update was delivered however it is fab news and only 2 cycles left to go.... I was hoping for better results but these are still great and will encourage me to continue with the lifestyle changes I have I made.

Holly and I had a fabulous and funny weekend in Derbyshire with friends , Penny, Jo & Joe, Barb, Fred, Wendy & Lol, Mel, James & Lynne, Amy & Libby, Tony & Tracie, then Julie Adam & Ben , Stuart Jeanie, Jordon and Sophia turning up Sunday for a BBQ in the glorious sunshine.  Hard to think it had 2 inches of snow 2 days later ! No Holly we are not going back!  Holly and Mel got taken for a walk in Bakewell.  I can say the shops were ace.  The BBQ was fab, just everyone chilling out in the sunshine trap of a garden.

Annual leave continues and just chilling out.  I am feeling tired but I think that is recovering from the weekend of late nites and the oral thrush is trying to make an appearance but the Difflam is keeping it calm :-). 

Rachel and I popped into the Plough yesterday and had a cider to toast Colin's birthday with.  Cheers Colxx
Hope everyone has a releaxing Easter break and yes I'm popping up to my happy place :-) xx