Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy New Year everyone xxx

I had the minor op as planned.  I had a daft start to the day by turning up at the wrong place and had to walk over to the other side of the hospital to get the the Day Surgery unit.  I was out of breath  but on time and first on the list :-)  I was back on the ward for 10:15 and home in bed by 13:30pm. 
I have started my homoeopathic treatment and back on my other holistic medicine.  My anaemic symptoms are becoming less acute apart from the breathlessness which has cheered me up no end.  My next onc appt is Jan 15th with my homoeopathic appt a week later.

On Christmas Eve Eve , we managed a toast to Colin and the rest of my family upstairs and finished the day off at a local carol service.  Christmas day was spent in our PJ's and I rested all day whilst Rachel Laura and Holly did the cooking.  I know I can hear you - the things I do to get out of cooking the dinner!!
The uncomfortable feeling is not as acute but I know it's there and still being careful.

New Years resolutions ??? Well more happy days, already have a few things lined up, improve my health, improve my mobility (umm heard that one before)... xxx.  

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Busy week with bloods ....

In my last post I forgot to mention the results of my brain scan.  They found it and no abnormalities discovered - whoo hoo.
My Urology appointment came through for last Friday, I went along despite suffering from a cold and could hardly keep my head up.  He showed me my scan on screen, I love it when they do that, and we went through why then what's involved in having stent's fitted.  Although  this is only a 15 minute procedure I still have to have general anaesthetic as it involves inserting a double ended hook from the kidney to the bladder so it is insisted that this is done under general on to maximise patient comfort.  After my pre op assessment I'm told there is space in the morning list for Monday 24th December.  Well the advantage of this date is that Rachel will be down and can be the taxi driver and responsible adult as I need to rest up so I have accepted it.  Then I get a phone call late Monday night to ask me to have my bloods done again as the anaesthetist is not happy with the coagulation.  Fine I'm on site Tuesday so it is easier for me to pop in and get it done.  I leave them my ext no to tell me what the results are like when they come in and I'm told to call back lunch time the following day ummm. However I do as I am asked and phoned them back at 12pm only to be told to come in again as they didn't collect enough blood. I was seen very quickly but my tears of anger flowed when I sat down to have blood taken again.  The nurse kindly took the sample to the lab, i declined as my energy levels are low, and she phoned me with the result but couldn't say what decision the anaesthetist will make.  I phoned up today and apparently they will look at them tomorrow and I will get a call if they have any concerns and if I don't hear from them I'm to assume all ok and turn up to the ward at 8am Monday. Umm will let you know when I do.

As I can feel my energy levels dropping and getting a bit like I was before I had the blood transfusion but without the vomiting,  I asked Dr Davis whoops Dr Benton, why it would happen again so quickly, yes I can see me being booked in for another blood transfusion at some point, and it all makes sense.  Normal red bloods cells ok.  I have a lot of under performing red cells as the liver functions are reduced.  At some point these cells take on the appearance of Target cells which are removed by the spleen even though they are working but not at full steam.  Lynn correct me if I am wrong.   I can't have chemo which we know works, as my swollen kidney won't work properly with the extra pressure that will bring. The stent's will help when they have been inserted.  Bit of a vicious circle.  My homoepathic prescription came through but I can't start that as I need to stop taking them a week before my planned op.

That's the boring stuff done.  Marrakesh was fantastic.   Our Riad was awesome and we were only a 20 minute walk for a healthy person to get to the main square.  Thank you Jo for the organising the stay there and despite my reservations after visiting the ports of Tangier and Casablanca I was really impressed and I would recommend it for a place to go.

A Christmas weekend with Gail Jennifer and Lennon where my plan B came into play as I really wasn't feeling well and I went back to bed and Gail sorted the tea out and I had a stew in the slow cooker for the Sunday.  Lovely weekend guys thanks for coming!

I will do a small post if I hear that the planned op doesn't go ahead so bye for now xx