Saturday, 28 March 2009

1st Chemo Day 2

Was ok. Feeling much brighter and orange wee had died down. Not feeling so sorry for myself either. Had a good nights sleep including a wee break at 3.45am but went straigt back to sleep. I got Holly up for school, Rachel did boiled eggs and toast for breakfast. She said she got up at 4am and heard me singing happily in my sleep. I know makes a change from snoring. I will do more of that I think.

Made some phone calls and accompanied Rachel to the Hairdressers. I left her there and went to butchers, cake shop and community hall where I picked up some info on Reiki healing. Went back into the Hairdressers and sat with her and I chatted to one of the ladies about when my hair starts to fall out. I will go there when it’s starts.

Came home had lunch with a foootspa and watched a bit of telly before getting down to Asda and start being practical. Whilst there the Hospital made their 2nd attempt to see how I was doing. I felt the love there. I wasn’t just handed my coat back and off you go. I confirmed my mouth had been watering, went cold and then hot but temperature was ok and assured her I was taking my tablets. Today I was just having hot flushes. Confirmed I would call if I needed to but thanked her immensely for the call, I can’t think of the word to some up how that made me feel.

Sorted the freezer out, got rid of freezer burnt food and stacked separated bread in there and organised it more. Made curry for tea, burning the naan bread which I seem to have got into a habit of. Holly had some Risotto left over from the day before. Couldn’t eat my all my tea went to bed feeling ok and listened to some more music

Day 2 over with.


  1. Burnt the naan bread ! Sacrilege ;-)

  2. I know I must stand and stare at it and not try to multi task xx

  3. personally i think you need to find something better than a footspa to have lunch with!! thinking of you lots of love from the robinsons xxx

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