Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Feeling much better after some quality red !

Firstly a huge THANK YOU to the selfless people that donate their blood as without them this would not have been possible and I am starting to feel so much better already after 3 units of quality blood.  Ironic that is Halloween!

Usual nerves leading up to getting there but I am over that now.  Afterwards I thought "what was I scared about".  It was a long day and after a good nights sleep I am now feeling the benefits and long may it continue.  It's making me realise how ill I was.

Oncology appointment next week where it will be decided if I am well enough to restart chemo on reduced dosage or start a course of steroids.  ummmm...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Blood Transfusion it is then...

Got an appointment to see my Oncologist Tuesday.  My liver functions have made a slight improvement but my Haemoglobin is low.  This would explain my breathlessness and tiredness.  He said at this level I would be offering you a Blood Transfusion to which I shook my head.  I'm not eating properly which isn't helping and I keep feeling and being sick.  He doesn't seem convinced this is entirely from chemo but has agreed to lower the dosage.  Admittidly I had to remind them of my personal circumstances and that it is not ok for that to happen again. I am meeting him again in a fortnight's time and hopefully I will feel better and can start the chemo cycle at the new dosage. 

As I had to call the Dr's to discuss changing my anti sickness tablets, we also discussed my fears of a having a blood transfusion.  I said I was going to try and eat more and drink orange juice to boost it up.  The Dr told me that was great but in reality a well person would take around a fortnight to boost the HgB with food and I wasn't in that category.  I couldn't argue with that. After giving it more thought and speaking to Lynne I was warming to the idea.  It was only when talking to Anne later on in the evening that I realised that what I was scared of was dialysis not a transfusion.  Anne kindly explained the process without laughing too much at me.  Next day got on to my health care team and I am booked in on Monday.  My blood grouping and cross matching have been done on my insistence and hopefully shouldn't be there all day.

Sadly, I have again had to change my plans for the weekend.  With being ill randomly it's not fair on me or my friends so again I am staying put.

Onto exciting stuff now. The ball is only 2 weeks away.  Don't worry I will probably be dancing all night after Monday!  Ok maybe that is a bit ambitious.  I am so excited now as the sale of the tickets have gone well and thank you to those that have bought theirs can't wait to see you and we will be in for a fun night.  Bar will  be open from 6:30pm.  We still have capacity to sell more tickets so as it's payday weekend, if you have been dithering just get on and buy your tickets.  Email to make your payments

Chilling this weekend again but still looking for that dress to wear at the ball... No JC it won't be a Green Basque!!  Have a good weekend everyone xx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Well that was short lived....

2 days in and I start being ill  in the mornings.  Recovering, I carry on and go to work and lo and behold, Saturday, my appetite starts to diminish.  Sunday it hits like an explosion and I struggled to keep my head out of the sick bucket  Nothing is staying down including water.  Monday I phoned up my GP and also the breast care team at the hospital who made me realise that this was chemo induced.  I had already stopped taking it as I had nothing to line my stomach.

After an injection at the Dr's that afternoon this gave me the confidence that the anti sickness tabs might work.  Now it's just morning sickness and I can stomach  Complan , energy bars and a spoonful of casserole.
With this in mind though, apparently when I have got on top of the sickness the plan is to continue with the chemo at the same dosage.  Personally I don't get this and still waiting for a confirmed plan.  Maybe I should double dose my anti sickness tabs ??

Some of the positive  things coming out of this are that I have discovered I have a wheat intolerance and now feel tempted to make soda bread with spelt flour and non dairy butter milk.  I have tested spelt and this is ok.  Also in 5 weeks I have lost a stone in weight! Whoo hoo but wouldn't recommend doing it this way.

Will keep you posted but staying close to home for the moment xx

Friday, 12 October 2012

Chemo it is then....

and I started Tuesday night with Capecitabine which I had in January.  My bloods and tumour markers haven't improved over the last 4 weeks.  This has been hindered by me feeling ill.  All the symptoms pointed to a liver infection and I have been in touch regularly with the Secondary Breast Care nurse.  I had 2 episodes in 3 weeks and a normal healthy person would fight it without knowing, however as I have a poorly liver, it struggled and didn't I know it!
I am disappointed to be going on the chemo again but it will all be  fine as it was earlier in the year.  I will be doing 6 cycles (3 weeks to a cycle) and the results will be measured by my blood test results towards then end of each cycle as before.
My talented nephew, Jamie stopped by and helped me with my desire for homoeopathic remedies and my supplies of Astragalus , Ashwagandha  and Gotu Kola have arrived.  These will help with my immune system and the fatigue with lots of other benefits as well. 

Well onto the more exciting stuff.  Thanks to those that have already bought their tickets for the ball on the 10th November.  Those that said they would  now is the time to buy your tickets.  Those that are thinking about it still, go on you know you want to...  You don't want to be looking at the photos afterwards and think I wish I had gone...

Also thanks to those that have donated raffel prizes.  I will update the website this weekend - and email for your tickets and if you have anything you would like to donate.

On the plus side with this being ill thing, I have lost 12lb in weight.  Always looking on the bright side Sue xx