Wednesday, 11 March 2009

B'day Weekend

Well what a fab weekend we all had. Fred & JC got lost and came off at Wellington. It was the stopping at too many lay-bys that did it and perhaps the Scooby mask got in the way. Turned out well as Jo and Joe had arrived so they stopped at the pub to pick them up. Tea didn’t spoil and they brought lots of lovely wine and champagne with them which went down really well. THANK YOU!
Woke up feeling a bit tired but wasn’t sick even though I’d had a mixture - so was feeling chuffed with that. Breakfast was superb if I may say so myself. Chilled champagne, orange juice, warm bread rolls, garlic and herb soft cheese and smoked salmon. Good company however sorry about the conversation Fred but JC wanted to know all about my treatment plan!!!
Finally we found ourselves tootling off onto the canal route into town. Browsed in a couple of shops including Fred’s favourite pound shop. There were some silly mad professor wigs which was a suggested purchase instead of a hat!! Then we were all very thirsty and had to go to the pub. There we stayed. Anne Nige and Lou found us, Tony and Tracy turned up and when Jo & Joe finished shopping found us as well. Decided food was required and we settled for the pub grub. Then we went to the next pub and they had Rattlers on tap!! wow I was back in Cornwall last summer.
We decided to go to the Plough on way home so we could freshen up before dinner that night as the table was booked for 7.30 at China China but spotted the Kings Arms which I had never been to so off we went. Get diagnosed with breast cancer and go on the piss with some of your mates. Fab remedy in my book! Lovely pub, JC couldn’t sell me for discount off the round but hey never mind. I think it was here that the idea was born to have a wide wake boob party for my boob and all the girls have to wear corsets and the blokes have to wear boobs as well. Even sober it still makes me laugh !!
By now Nige had called to check where we’re at and it is obvious by now we are going straight to the restaurant. Anne offered to pick us up if we wanted to get changed. I did as Lynne had forced me to buy a new top last week and I wanted to wear it with the shoes Barbara forced me to buy in Jersey. So Anne, dropped Nige off, picked me up, both of us got ready and took us back down again. I LOVE you!! What STAR!!
Food went down well and we ended up in the pub again. Left earlyish, I was happily falling asleep on the sofa, as we were coming out of the pub some drinkers asked Fred for a light, I tutted and Fred threw back , I know I know, smoking stunts your growth and gives you cancer and you got both ! Well I roared, not sure what the smokers were thinking but we were all laughing. Found a taxi at the train station and made our way home. Fred got in much later…
A more subdued breakfast the next day but still satisfying. Even had a decent cat nap in the afternoon and my headache caused only by tiredness disappeared and satisfied we all had a great b’day weekend with Fred. As for me we couldn’t have planned that better when we agreed this weekend back in January. Just what the Dr ordered !! I wasn’t sick and didn’t fall under any tables either what a result !

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