Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tuesday --- Calmness reigns

Didn’t sleep well Monday night so didn’t rush when I woke up Tuesday, called work and said I will be coming in but just a bit late. Potter about, phone Aunty Joyce, was laughing as I set about going to work.

My team were already in their meeting so I sneak in, it’s ok . After the meeting Kath wants a word with me which is good as I need to tell her that about my OH appt in an hour. Before I start my surrogate mother reminds me that memory loss is part of the side effects of what I am taking. Hooray I’m not loosing it. It’s ok I’m legally blonde!!! Madly I feel so relieved. She reminds me of the practical things I need to organise. Shopping, Holly’s clubs, Cleaning. I did own up I have been thinking of getting a cleaner in, Kath says good just twice a week. I feel shamed as I’m thinking once a fortnight. But then there is the washing up. Holly doesn’t want to do it. Also she has pre-empted my feelings of being cut off if I stay at home during my chemo. ( ok I’ll call it chemo leave) . She has promised she will come round and even give me the Cancer Reform Strategy book for me to read if I’m up to it. Umm let me think about that… I prefer the team meetings. So I am going to get organised. Told me lots of other good advise which I know is all for my well being.

I rush off to make my appt at OH. Rach texts me to ask how my CT scan went. Told her it was tomorrow had a blond moment, she tells me about hers, buys a monsoon skirt size 14 , cant see what’s wrong with that, and then it fits her as well Fantastic !

Well meeting goes ok with OH Dr. I have to start accepting help and taking time out, appears to be the only thing missing here. Reminded me if I’m not well enough to go to work I shouldn’t be doing it at home. Kath reminds me we have more interesting literature other then the Cancer Reform Strategy hooray !!! Another interesting statement he made when he asked me how I was feeling was that the only thing we can be certain about is the uncertainty. He was alarmed I wrote that but I thought it made sense. Then I add to it that another thing I am certain about is that in12 months time all this will be a memory, as I will be fit and healthy, slimmer (better had be), new hairstyle and a new boob. (still not happy with that one)

I stop off for a hot chocolate on way back to work, write my journal, and decided to call Colin and see how he is. “ ok you know hows you?” “ ok you know”) then we both laugh. I ask him which treatment plan he’s thinking of opting for and we talk about the toxic chemo in Manchester. Suggested we could set up a web cam when we are both having our treatment. He then ask’s me about mine and if I’m having it in hospital. Yes inpatient, it will take about hour and half. He ask’s who will be looking after Holly, replied she’d be at school. He’s is concerned at this so I mention Donna is coming for the day, ok then someone will be there for her. I said I’d be back before she gets home from school and realise I should have said outpatient instead of inpatient. Always get there in the end.

I stop off at the Irish house before getting back to work. Showed Margie my diary I had bought to assist with memory loss episodes and crack on with my lovely distraction. Later on phone goes, it’s Colin. Still haven’t worked out how to answer this and end up calling him back. He has just heard that his PCT have agreed to prescribe him Sutent so he doesn’t have to appeal against it. Wonderful news. I am so pleased for him. He has another treatment to consider.

Did go to the Dr’s but there is nothing wrong with my throat. Well just drink water. Will be doing lots of that tomorrow when I have my CT Scan on Wednesday 11th March. JC texted how did it go……. He said he would just send it me again tomorrow…


  1. Sue - it's no good blaming the cancer for all these blond moments - you know as well as we do what your nick-name is and you were like it before this lot reared it's head!!! Just accept that you're naturally dippy! :o))) Only kidding! - glad you had a great weekend - just shout if you need anything x x x x x

  2. Legally Blonde???? so what was the excuse b4 I wonder???...... IT WAS A SIZE 12 SKIRT, that was the point!! honestly, and its very pretty and i may lend it to you, possibly, maybe.... we'll see!!!

    And yes Anne, she is naturally dippy, good job its not genetic eh!!!?! :o))) xxx

  3. ok just checked text you are right you said size 12 I made that 14 so did'nt understand the fuss. WELL DONE !!

  4. "good job its not genetic eh!!!?! :o))) xxx"

    What's that blodie?