Monday, 19 October 2009

Operation Boob Job (pt1)!!

Ok Folks, short and sweet update for you!!

Operation has gone well, no problems and Sue is in recovery recovering!!!

I've left a message with the Staff Nurse passing on all your good wishes etc., and will hopefully get to speak to her sometime tomorrow.

Thats it for now, I'll keep you updated with any news I get.

I know Sue appreciates all your support and good wishes xx

lots of love

Rachel (and Sue)

Thursday, 15 October 2009

A huge THANK YOU !!

Thanks to all of you who have made the time to leave messages on my Blog, Facebook and phone. Your comments and experiences that have been shared with me have moved me to tears. I had no idea of what the impact would be of sharing my Blog with the wider audience.

Despite the wonderful support I have had, I have felt a loneliness I can’t describe. I know that I am not the only one on the planet going through this. Sharing my journey has helped eliminate those feelings to a degree. Using my sense of humour and helping other people has been enormously beneficial. Thank you to those who have shared there own experiences with me. I feel privilidged and hope that it has helped you in some way writing as it has helped me reading them.

I am so pleased knowing that my appearance on “This Morning” yesterday has encouraged so many women to check themselves (men shouldn’t be excluded from this either). Something I shall be doing when I have recovered.
Chloe – You know how scary I can be J
Penny (nee Smith) – I remember the name I even remember the house but cannot visualise you. I’m only in Taunton !!!
Angelique –. If you read my earlier post’s when I was on FEC you may find some tips. I was fortunate not to catch anything and I know having children makes that difficult. (Just started having a cough now though). If it’s ok I would also like to ask you questions about your mastectomy.
Ange – Please let me know how you get on. What’s your treatment plan?.

Hayley – I have skimmed through your blog and you are also an amazing young lady and I love the a Tee –shirt!
Jane / Janice / Sue / Kendra – Good luck and keep positive. Let me know your treatment plans are.
Donna – Let me know how you get on fingers crossed it is’nt x

Best of luck to all of us


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Op countdown and what a week ahead we've got!!

Countdown started since confirmation of Op date. The 2 studies I am taking part in is as follows.
1. Quality of Life as an aid to decision making in breast reconstruction after mastectomy- filling out questionnaires pre-op, post op, follow ups and some post op Photos.
2. Trial of the effect of Tisseel on donor site seroma formation following latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction - In plain English - Tisseel is Tissue glue, Seroma is the liquid that develops after surgery which has to be drained, Latissimus dorsi is the type of reconstruction I'm having, tissue being brought from my back. This is to study the volume of seroma that is collected after the op between 2 groups. Group 1 normal finish up after surgery pipes and drains. Group 2 using Tissue glue to close the space created by surgery on my back. I won't know which group I will be in until I wake from surgery as the surgeon won't know until they open the envelope before he's starts.
Right, now for my week ahead. Back in March my sister Rachel was fed up with what was and has happened to our family with Cancer. Really not fair with Colin and myself having chemo at the same time in different parts of the country. Late one night, unable to sleep she started to write an email about it all then sent it to the This Morning (ITV) team, including the link to this blog. Forgot all about it, with everything that has been going on, until last Wednesday when she received a phone call from Ellie, a researcher on the show, who had been passed the email and had a look at my blog. She was impressed with my humour and how I'd been dealing with the chemo and everything and wanted to know if I would like to come and talk about my experience and my blog on the show. Rachel called me when I had got home from work and casually asked if I would mind talking about the last 6 months of my life to someone. Of course I wouldn't mind oh dear who else has been diagnosed ? She assured me no one we knew had been diagnosed and it would be infront of a few million people. I didn't get what she meant at all! Confused!!! (I know, doesn't take much) Then at the mention of Phil n Holly, the penny started to drop!!!. She told me about her earlier conversation with Ellie. Through both of our school girl giggles I replied I wouldn't mind at all. Rachel confirmed this had to be run by the producer first but we still kept laughing all evening. Even if this didn't happen I didn't mind as laughter is great therapy!
Thursday, I got a call as arranged from Ellie and she asked me questions about my blog and the last 6 months and asked me if I would like to come down to the studios - all expenses paid to discuss my blog with Phil and Holly. As it is Breast Cancer awareness month with Dr Chris they are doing a feature on this topic. Would I ----oh yes please !!! Would Holly like to come. No she has school and I had already made enquiries for her overnight displacement from home (Evil mom) I did re-think this yesterday and got back to Ellie and she confirmed this was still ok and school have been informed.
So Holly Rachel and myself are off to London on Monday, stay over in a lush hotel and being chauffeured to Studios Tuesday. Other guests that day are Ozzy, Joan Collins and Paloma Faith. Holly is so excited. Never mind Phil and Holly is Ozzy coming with Sharon !!!
Prior to this week my only distraction was my worry over Colin. I felt much better after seeing him last Sunday and he appears to be responding well to his 2 ops this week. Now however my last week at home is well exciting. Following on from our trip to London, Wednesday evening I am having some crystal healing, Thursday Tracie is arriving, Friday we are having a PINK Friday at work, Rachel and Laura are coming down and also going out to an evening BBQ . Saturday Kerri and Wendy are coming down so having a few beers, some lovely food and some more friends calling in as well !! Sunday I think we will go up and see the horses on Cothelstone hill weather permitting of course and chilax as have an early start on Monday!!! No time to fret and using this weekend to shop and pack for London and hospital for me (I really don't know what to wear). Outdoor school trip for Holly. Busy busy busy....