Monday, 23 March 2009

Manic Mondays…..

Have had a fabulous weekend. Gail and Jennifer came down from Brackley and took them to Street and Glastonbury Saturday including a walk up Berrow Mump. Cothlestone Hill on Sunday and the Exmoor ponies came out to play. Had to cook and lug shopping around so had to remind them I was ill a few times!!! Talked about Cruella and Jennifer wanted to know what the other side was called!! We roared and explained we were talking lumps not boobs…

Chatted to my 2 scientist’s friends, Sarah (Sands) in the afternoon and Lynne came round Sunday evening on way home to Torquay. Both have helped me put things into perspective a little bit. Still Monday I woke up in a panic (thank you sick monitor for my reminder) , will have to call these “Having a moment “. Called my boss after Holly went to school and she came round with cake!! I managed to listen to some meditation (I love my iPod especially when I find the earphones that don’t fall out!) so was relatively calm by the time Kath came round.
After she had left, I called school to find out how much risk Holly was at with the Scarlet Fever case being reported at school, and reminded them that I’m due to start chemo on Wednesday. They updated me on the position at school so not too concerned and they will give me the heads up on any more. Went onto the hospital, got a hair appointment for 2:30pm before my scan starts and off I go for yet another injection. I can’t look I’m sure they think I’m a woos.

All that done, time to walk into town and meet with Sarah (spelling) in the P&P for lunch. It was great meeting up, more hugs and a good catch up. Thought we were in for a bit of a bargain lunch but was bitterly disappointed. Meals for a fiver, 2 glasses of wine get the rest of the bottle free. Well even the chicken salad looked more embarrassed then our shocked faces and we didn’t realise the wine offered to us was £6 + a glass. I mentioned the complaint quite calmly and even though my Chemo fact sheet was out on the table when we mentioned the lack of food that was served we did only get £2 off the bill however won’t be going there to eat again. !!!

Walked back to MPH, had haircut feels much better now, then went back to the x-ray department for my scan. I was allowed to use my iPod, it was placed on the pillow out the way of the scanner so was able to listen to the meditation books on there and take my mind off the fact that there was very little space between my head and the scanner wall and before I knew it all done. I almost fell asleep!!

39 hours to go. Not counting really………


  1. Will be thinking of you tomorrow xx

  2. £6 a glass - you was robbed missus! Thinking of you - you know where we are if you need anything

  3. thinking of you sue glad the ipod worked & you dodnt forget the ipod anything else you think you might forget let me know i'll remind you big hug x

  4. Eating out just isn`t what it used to be,ey? Sending you lots of hugs from all of us, even those who dont remember you (aka george and peter)xxx

  5. oh no I Cant believe George has forgotten me already !!