Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter

I have had a lovely but busy few weeks with visitors, appointments and getting my jobs done. As mentioned in my previous update, I have set up an email account that the A Team will manage.  They will respond with details of how you can make a donation or pass on any offer of help (as I generally say no thanks) Also they will be able to view my calendar and ensure that I don't go on my own to my appointments.

I have also booked our holiday, THANK YOU !! We are flying out to Majorca for 3 days on the 7th May then cruising to Tangier, Casablanca, Gibraltar, Almeria, Cartagena then back to Palma.  I am still trying to sort out our travel Insurance as the premiums are silly prices but have managed to get 2 reasonable quotes with one even being under £200.  I've then got to book the hotel for the 3 days that we are in Majorca.  

Had a bit of a bizarre day on Wednesday.  I took Holly to her dad's and after the train fare was more then I would spend in petrol I decided at the last minute to go in the car.  I got back in time for my 11am appointment with our local vicar which was productive and worthwhile.  My friends Smudge and Jayne had arrived and I met them for lunch and went to our local garden centre for a mooch.  Now for the bizarre bit.  On the way out, a chap ended up chatting to us as Smudge had his Led Zepplin t-shirt on and it turned out all 3 of us were at Knebworth festival in 1979.  During the course of the conversation a song came up that this chap had played at a funeral and I went oohh that's an idea.  Then before you know it we are being preached to as he was also a minister and he offers me some christian healing prayer in the carpark.  I accepted his gift with the blessing it was being delivered with so we shall wait and see.

I have a busy fortnight ahead as well.  Next week I have the all important blood test to check the liver functions, hormone injection (blimey has it really been 4 weeks), an appointment with the Gynae team (re swollen ovary) and reflexology session.  The following week I start a phased return to work :-), an Oncology appointment where I shall have the results of my bone scan that I had last week and the blood test reported back to me. Then we're off on holiday :-).

This Easter weekend Rachel and myself are at Karen's in Braunton having a lovely time being pampered with a pedicure, afternoon snoozes, walks on the beach and dips in the Jacuzzi. Hope everyone is having as nice a time as we are xxx

Monday, 11 April 2011

Wide Awake Rehersal Thank you

and it was absolutely fantastic.  Special thanks for Donna and Shannon for housework duty with Holly at mine, Lynne and James for opening up their house for the Saturday and Sunday gatherings and Nigel and Anne for their help with this and loans of various chairs, tables and marquee. It goes without saying thank you for everyone that turned up from all over it was lovely to see you all I'm sure I got round to speaking to everyone. The sun stayed out as well and I felt truly blessed. I will be revamping this blog and post some pictures from this weekend on a picture gallery page so watch this space....

Friday, 8 April 2011

Feeling extreeeemly Lucky

I know it sounds daft but I do and here's one of the reasons why.
For those that know me well,  you will agree I struggle asking for and accepting help. I prefer to give it. Now I know how everyone feels who love and care about me as I felt the same way with my brothers David and Colin (Happy Birthday to Colin btw for last Tuesday.  Did have a pint for you). I wanted to  help them but all I could do was lend an ear and give them my time.  I felt it all inadequate as I couldn't remove their cancer and give them their life back.  David didn't have any chance and when I think what Colin had to deal with in the 3 years he had, even having a villa at his disposal in Cyprus he didn't make it there.  Every time he thought of a suitable time something came up.  We did have 10 days camping August 2009 together and I know the kids remember him best with the photo we have of him in wetsuit, hat, whistle, body board, Strongbow in hand and a huge cheesy grin.  The ill, grumpy Colin is forgotton.  Thinking of this helps me embrace the wonderful gift that the A team have instigated for me and Holly and makes me feel extremly lucky. Thank you to everyone seems wholly inadequate (I really should dig out my dictionary umm will put it on bucket list).
I have had a busy but productive week.  Working my way down my task list, not much more to do.  People call me inspirational but I receieved a truely inspirational email from someone who doesn't know me after being drawn to a comment I left on a FB blog for This Morning (TV Show that some lovely people get invited on :-) ) In summary this lady, Claire from Ipswich shared her story with me and realy gave me hope and so cheered me up,  not that I need cheering up.    She was diagnosed in 2006 with Metastatic Breast Cancer spread to Liver and Bones and given 2 weeks left to live.  At the time she had 3 young children under 8.  The positive message to never give up hope and it's not our turn yet stood out.  Thank you Claire.  Despite being positve about all of this your email has not only turned this around for me but for my family as well.
Well it's a busy weekened here in Taunton and the sun is out as well.  I am nervous about it all  but so looking forward to spending time with family and friends sharing memories and making a bucket list. Thanks to everyone including those that can't make it who have emailed theirs in. My brother Kevin says this all feels a bit morbid but then really looking forward to the get together. And thanks to the Taxi driver who refused to take my fare on Tuesday after I pointed out that I wasn't drunk just recovering after operations making it difficult for me to get into big vehicles and that I may need the wheel chair space in his taxi. I put the fare in the Bucket for the fund thank you.
Have a lovely weekend everyone and hope is a good one with the sun shining on all of us xxx

Saturday, 2 April 2011

News is slowly sinking in

and having talked to Holly every day about one aspect or another she's got the idea and in between the "Don't let Auntie Rachel sneak out the laptop" and "Does that mean I can have your camera?" we have had the tears.  Since Tuesday I have cried myself to sleep, I feel anxiety, I feel angry, and also overwhelmed with what people want to do for me and Holly.  Yes one of the items on my to do list is let them!  I have also been talking to them upstairs and I know now how David and Colin felt. This is the card I have been dealt with, the 3rd member of my family facing this in 4 years. I thought yesterday this is 3rd time lucky.  Not lucky enough for the Cancer to disappear, but just lucky urrrmmm.  I know I will beat David's record and I wonder if I can beat Colin's record!!  Sibling rivalry still going on and I'm going to beat both of them Grammar school boys :-)  he he he
Next week all my affairs will be sorted and put in order then we can forget about all that and continue with a bit of normality and whatever Holly and I want to do. I want to have a Wide Wake party so we are having a wide wake rehearsal here in Taunton weekend 9/10th April.  We are just getting together, share memories and create a bucket list. Bring photos as well!!  Email me if you would like to come even if it is just to say hello.  Be warned though Holly will be in charge of the video camera! Also for those that can't make it we can arrange a skype session.
Yes I am being managed. My will has been on my to do list since before I got diagnosed in 2009.  With huge thanks (that word appears so inadequate.  Note to myself: find another word) to Anne Nige, Lynne and James for giving me a task list as long as my arm to complete at various points next week.  (I did 2 items yesterday:-))
Something else I am just overwhelmed about that the A team told me on Thursday night.   James and Anne are opening a bank account on Monday, I think it is going to be called the "Sue Davies Foundation Trust"  or something.  I really can't remember I was a bit emotional at that point. There's already a large deposit to make. I don't even know who to thank!  This is for Holly and I to have a holiday to be taken next month whilst I'm fit enough .  We just need to let James know where we have chosen to go and then pack our cases.  Holly's smiley face asked "Anywhere?" and then came "The Caribbean"  There's me thinking Ireland.  I will update this website with those details and also for anyone who wishes to make a contribution can do so through this blog.
As you can see I have a busy week ahead. I have had my injection and started my drugs on Friday.  Fingers crossed.  I will know more about the impact of this treatment in 6 weeks time.