Wednesday, 4 March 2009

21 days to go and counting....

Well I feel much better today. Yesterday was information overload. Comming to terms with your Cancer diagnosis is one thing, have done the denial, speculation, shock. Practical tired and angry all came in together. Now, after being told I will loose my hair with the chemo, I'm told it's is most likly to loose a breast as well. Not liking that bit at all!!! I understand the benifits, not a problem, it's just doesnt sound right, I cant believe they are talking about me.

Felt anxious this morning after a good nights sleep (thanks Mr Z) but stayed the whole day at work. Have already picked up my new phone but dont have the patience to figure out how to move my contacts across so the lovely lady at the phone shop did that all for me. I stopped off at the lovely Irish house on the way back and practiced sending a text message on my new phone as when I'm confident with that I'll cancel my old phone then it's unlimited texts Hooray :-)

Holly still a bit grumpy with me as she is grounded from using the DS and watching TV as she lost my ds game but did seem keen to stay at her dads for the Easter fornight. Got her to practice the washing up tonight as I couldn't be bothered but will check that in the morning.

Thanks everyone for your lovely supportive messages and wishes, I will print them off and get Holly to read them to me when I'm feeling crap. I know they give you the worse case senario's at the Hospital so maybe I might get off lightly ??? ok it's just a thought. Donna Rachel and Laura on first round of sick bucket duty so they can ask their angels to be kind .....

Well I have a few more jobs to do before chemo day and couple of social gatherings lined up as well. Will write my list tomorrow and make sure I do them. It's ok Bianca I hoovered on Sunday :-)

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