Saturday, 12 May 2012

Chemo round 6 finished whoo hoo!!

Considering I'll be on these for hopefully a very long time I feel reassured that the impact of the side effects was managable.  First time round anyway!  I am on a break from drugs now and a scan is booked for June when I will be reassessed .  At least we already know they work, or was it the apricot kernals? I shall have to wait until June. Meanwhile I am still  reasearching affordable holistic care as I am not leaving anything to chance. 

I was given crystal therapy last week by the very talented Karen Jeynes and I was left buzzing it was awsome.  The fatigue just dissappeared.  This inspired me to get my own crystals out and use them again. My next item to compliment what I am already doing is Mistletoe Therapy.  Watch this space!!

During the last month I have been reflecting on the milestones I have passed over the last 12 months. A year ago I didn't know if I would make the year out, according to the Oncologists Planning the wonderful holiday my friends sent Holly and I on.  My fab wide wake rehearsal on that glorious sunny weekend. Sadly I have lost some friends I have made in cancer land over the last few months making me realise how fickle cancer can be and how quickly it can deteriorate.  This does make me a bit nervous but then more determined to fit in as much fun as I can.  Have already booked a holiday in Croyde in the school holidays and for the first time my younger brother Ady and his family are joining us and they will discover this wonderful part of Devon and understand why this is my happy place :-) 

After Holly's surprise party for me last year for my birthday,  I have relented and said we could organise one for this year, not that it's a special birthday or anything as I am only 21 (he he),  but use this as an opportunity to raise money for charity at the same time.  I will post more details in the next few weeks but for now just to give everyone the heads up, keep November 10th 2012 clear in your diaries and start saving your pennies and be prepared for a night of excellent cuisine, music and fun !! 

On that note have a lovely fun packed weekend everyone as at least the rain has stopped!! xx