Thursday, 24 December 2009

Angels are celebrating

as my younger brother passed away yesterday evening. Peacefully, dignified and with his family. He is now with Mum and my other 3 brothers and no longer in any pain. Here's to a better year next year starting with a christening and a celebration of my late brothers life.

Merry Christmas everyone and raise a glass.

Love Sue xxx

Sunday, 13 December 2009

8 Weeks Post Op - Normality finding it's way slowly

I have been back at work now for 2 weeks which is brilliant. I still have discomfort but it is diminishing. I can even lie on my right side for a short time now.
2nd December is when I saw my oncologist and the radiographer. They examined my new breast and agreed the results were good. The Dr told me probably 5 weeks of radiotherapy and the radiographer told me 4. I have decided to think about 5 so I wont be dissappointed. My appointment for being marked up has already come through for the 5th January and they'll confirm my treatment plan then.
This was my first visit to the Beacon centre since my last chemo in September and it was a good feeling seeing the familiar faces. They recognised me even though Dolly is totally redundant now. One lady on the reception had recognised me on the T.V. and came over and told me she thought it was me and how good it was :-) .
We also decided at my visit to the Breast Care Centre on the 4th Dec that I don't need to have any more fluid drained now. Yippe ! Also one of our local breast care nurses returned my call on a unrelated issue and said she had seen me on T.V. and said how brilliant it was !
I have only cried 3 times in the last fortnight so feel I am coping well. I have been able to start moisturising my new breast ready for the radiotherapy to dry it out. I did struggle with touching my breast all over inititially but eventually got over it so I thought I would push myself one step further and look at it. Looked at my back wound first and thought looks rough but I know it will soften in time. I looked at my breast but not for very long. It wasn't me I thought and I understand why people say it is good but to me it's not my breast and didn't think it was great to look at. I know technically it is great but I struggled to think it fab. I know more work is to take place and my body shape is going to change again but decided wont be looking at it again any time soon.
I have 1 week of work left before I break up for the Christmas festivities. I hope to get my christmas cards done and out next week. Then some baking to do. Some things never change and I feel lucky in the knowledge that I can cope with it. xxxx