Thursday, 19 March 2009

What the Consultant Surgeon said was

I am pleased to say the CT Scan really didn’t show any abnormality. Dr reported a small patch of thickening in one of the vertebrae but didn’t think this was an abnormality. If obviously you do get back pain then we can check this out……..

Think I’ll get a skeleton out and started checking names of bones however the key message is Cruella has no friends !! :-)

Watched Wendy Richards documentary earlier which was interesting. Tried to send Holly to bed but, being such an authoritive parent that I am, she was back down for something after 10 minutes and as the documentary appeared to be sensitively done, I let her watch it, enforcing the fact that Cruella has no friends in my body unlike Wendy. It was informative on the chemotherapy aspect of it and Holly couldn’t believe that she was wearing a wig. Have already hatched an evil plan for when we go camping in the summer. If Laura and Holly play up, if I loose my hair, I can threaten them with taking off my wig .....


  1. Oh nooooooo!!!!!!!!! not that old 'taking off the wig now!' threat - works every time :o)))

  2. Yeah, but who will be laughing most, us or the kids!!!! ;-)

  3. Yeah, but who will be laughing most, us or the kids!!!! ;-)

  4. I would have said that again, but Rachel (BMFH) beat me to it!!

    It's enough to get my hair......