Friday, 13 March 2009

More test results in ...

My Tumour is Hormone positive. I had a score of 300 which was almost 100%. I will explain when I understand it I just know this is good. Cells have receptors on it which the Tamoxifen can cover and prevent oestrogen from attaching itself to my tumour (i‘m going to think of a name for it). So after I have recovered from chemo and surgery I will be on these for 5 years. Strangely this makes me feel brilliant. Bring it on !!! 12 days to go and counting…


  1. Am thinking Terrible Trixie for a name? xx

  2. Trixie reminds me of three and hopefully there is only one... ummmmm that reminds me of something

  3. only one for sure, so - Una the tumour!? x