Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cycle 1 completed and Cycle 2 started

with minimum side effects reported fantastic.  My bloods have not quite recovered but they are no worse then in 2009 however I am going to start taking Vitamin C after reading an interesting blog last week Mums not having chemo.  Forgot to get some yesterday and really can't be bothered to get dressed today!

I have had a very exciting week with last minute arrangements to go to the NTA's at the O2 in London.  Thanks Kathryn for inviting me this time and I'm glad you enjoyed it as much I did.  Sadly I broke my camera and we were just having such a great time we only took a few photo's.  I showed how committed I am to my lifestyle changes, as being invited to the post awards party :-) with a FREE BAR I only had 2 glasses of champagne and drank water inbetween!! I have been laughing at the thought of Colin and David turning in their graves at that one!

I am having a relaxing weekend at home after the weeks excitement, yesterday I met up with Lesley P who I have met through the the BCC forums and we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Zizzi's.  Today I am not even going to get dressed!

Before I go off and cook some dinner Congratulations to Sarah and Laurence on the safe arrival of a baby girl who as yet has no name she looks gorgeous !

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Another fantastic result!

As my scan last week was to have a benchmark before starting chemo, I was not due to discuss the outcome with my Oncologist, however with my fantastic blood test results, which I put down to no drugs, Dandelion tea, Milk Thistle, Apricot kernels, Flaxseed and Blueberry punch, I couldn't resist asking for a copy to see if there was a similar trend and ...

"In the abdomen there has been no increase in size of the liver metastatic deposits and no new lesions are seen."

It is an understatement to say I am feeling ecstatically pleased with this result.  Why am I on chemo again? Realistically I will continue with the 6 cycles I am booked for and reassess when I have my next scan in 3 months time as with the chemo and lifestyle changes I have made and others in the pipeline, I feel extremely positive about the potential outcomes.  

Talking about chemo so far so good with no side effects being noted!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Chemo Cycle 1 Day 4 so far so good

I don''t feel any different whoo hoo!  Even managed a small celebration in the Plough after work on Friday.  The Xelda Queen and Princesses who blog in the Breast Cancer Care forums have proved to be such a valuable and inspirational resource my anxiety diminished after keeping down the first 2 doses. 

One of the tips I picked up on Tuesday was to use Coconut oil to moisturise your skin (no toxins or additives).  I am already using that on my lips instead of Vaseline and it is doing the job. I will look into using it on the rest of my face next.  It makes you feel better know you are using a natural product.

I have a weekend to potter about and I am having a cooking session and a clear out. Have a good one everyone xx 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Busy couple of days and have started Chemo

I had my CT scan yesterday, no issue putting the cannula in.   Took the girls to Bournemouth and they had a fab time.  I was fortunate to arrange a consultation with Barbara Cox who runs Nutrichef at the last minute whilst I was in the area.  This was extremely educational and I will share what I have learnt from her when I have put my plan together.

This morning I went to have my bloods taken. Three people and 4 attempts later I was feeling queasy. All I could think of was I could really do with a packet of Tooty fruities.  As I hadn't got my purse on me I remembered I had brought in the left over Christmas cake to share at work and that hit the spot.

I went back this afternoon to meet with the Pharmacist and I was there for an hour going through the medication and the possible side effects and we discussed the ways to manage them.  I am taking 2100mg of Capecitabine twice a day shortly after food.  1 cycle is 2 weeks of the daily dosage then 1 week off and I am on 6 cycles initially.

Wasn't a brilliant day with one thing and another and when I got home it got worse with Holly just being a typical teenager which I didn't ignore. All calm now, first dose taken and they have stayed down.  I was told to take my first dose in the evening rather then the morning as for some reason this minimises the side effects.

I feel prepared but still anxious.  The great news about today was that my blood test results were brilliant with only 1 area of concern instead of 4 in my liver functions.   Can't wait to see my scan report.

Well off to bed now will keep you posted ... 
PS Wend that was the first album I ever bought!