Timeline - Diagnosis and Treatment

March 29th
Confirmed diagnosis of Secondary Breast Cancer in Liver.  Suspected bulky ovary and swollen uterus, and bone density
June 7th Oophorectamy.  Test results confirmed Oaveries contained Breast cancer cells
Daily dosage of Arimadex

January 25th

1st of 25 Radiotherapy Treatments
December 15th
Confirmed diagnosis of Grade 2 Lobular Breast Cancer in left breast

February 26th 
Confirmed Diagnosis of Grade 2 Lobular Breast Cancer in right breast

March 23rd - 1st of 4 FEC Chemotherapy treatments 
July 1st 
1st of 4 Docetaxel (Taxotere) Treatments
September 2nd
Last Docetaxel (Taxotere)Treatement
October 19th
Operation - Mastectomy and immediate Reconstruction operation
Daily dosage on Tamoxifen