Monday, 18 May 2009

Chemo Round 3 Day 12

Well last week was a mixture of feeling great to feeling awful. Monday morning woke up after a good nights sleep and felt great. Tuesday felt even better. I'm doing work from home round my appointments. Wednesday, as I was working from home it came over me like a wave feeling nauseous. Shut down my laptop and took myself off to the sofa and watched a DVD and dozed before my afternoon appointment that day. Felt better in the evening but Thursday felt terrible again. Phoned hospital as didn't know whether to take my anti sickness drugs and or steroids to help. Before the nurse phoned back, I'd been to the Drs and took myself back off to bed after having a slice of toast. Anyway the confirmed that at day 8 I should only take the anti sickness tablets and call Friday if I felt no better. I didn't get up till 2pm and managed to get in at the hairdressers to have a fringe put in Dolly (wig) increasing this weeks of appointments to 9! Friday I felt fine again. A bit tired but not feeling sick hooray, in time for the weekend where Sarah and Cathy were coming round and we had a lovely time having foot spa, and giving feet hands and face a makeover with fabulous food and the odd glass of wine.

This morning been awake since gone 5am but feeling ok. Mouth has done well this round and feels normal , no ulcer. Just tiredness and feeling sick so not too bad really. Planning to work again this week around 2 appointments I have but still taking it easy.Got to save my energy for Cornwall next week he he. :-)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Chemo Round 3 day 5

Well my mouth is still ok, I'm not ravenous like this time last cycle, just incredibly tired.

Have had a lovely weekend starting with Lynne calling in who ended up cooking our tea whilst I had a nap as couldn't stop yawning. I did some aromatherapy massage and I got my crystals out. We both had the best night sleep for a long time but not enough to stop me going back to bed Saturday, after checking if there was any Rhubarb left at our local pick your own and there wasn't. I'm wondering if I'm resting too much as I am not exercising much apart from what I do on the Wii fit (ok walking as well). With that in mind I accepted an invite to my friends dads 70th Birthday party Saturday night. Holly even volunteered to help out with decorating the hall etc. Thanks Laura and Alex, Holly thoroughly enjoyed herself and when we both turned up later in the evening it was Sue Holly and friends enjoying themselves and I lost the Sue who is living with breast cancer.

After a restless night sleep, I carried on this thought of Sue and Holly doing their thing and took us off orienteering. We didn't get lost after finding the starting point and thoroughly enjoyed the walk. Stopped off at a car boot sale on the way back. Holly groaned but happily took part in the purchases we made. Came back had dinner. Nige came round with some shopping. I am useless at asking for help but when Anne put's you in a corner with "We're off to Asda do you want anything?" it works and really appreciated it even if I didnt have the main ingredient for Rhubarb Crumble!!

Every day next week I have an appointment with 2 appts on Friday. Already I am feeling anxiety over it all. Thankfully not having a midday sleep and taking part in some excercise today will induce a good nights sleep. Watch this space...

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Chemo Round 3 part 2 !!

Thanks for that update Rachel.
I knew it was going to be a long day Wednesday. Tuesday started off ok. Went to work before going to CAFE group. Had a neck and shoulder massage and some crystal healing before getting to the Hospital for a blood test and pre assessment appointment. Was'nt kept waiting long and was called in to see the Oncology Dr. He asked me what I understood about the Ultra Scan that I had last week. I confirmed that I knew that Cruella had'nt grown but not shrunk either and they may change my drug combination extending my chemo by another 6 weeks. He agreed with this but advised that the decision on changing the drugs would not be made until after cycle 4 and would like to examine Cruella still. I went to the bed and took my top off and before I could take off my bra he asked what I was doing with a rock in there. I was gobsmacked as this was a rose quartz that was placed when I had my crystal healing and couldnt believe I had walked out with it and all had a giggle over it. We touched the subject of surgery as I need to know timings from a practical point. It will be after chemo and likely to be September. He mentioned that I could do with loosing weight for reconstruction but I dont want to know the details yet. This appointment didn't take long, only an hour on the car park.

Decided that I would walk to the hospital Wednesday, got their earlier to look round the new cancer centre that is opening on Monday. Went off to have my chemo, my appt was at 11.30 but took an hour before I even got hooked up. Yes I looked away and cried. I was left for ages before they brought in my drugs. They didnt loose my lunch this time. They were not ready for me and on checking they were not expecting me till 2pm. It was 1.45 pm before I got out the room. As I had another appt at 3 had agreed to meet up with a friend who was with her mother having her first chemo at 2. I loitered till about 2:45pm and carried on chatting in the waiting room with the other people that were there. Then I went off to my counselling appt and more tears flowed. Got out around 4.15 and decided to walk into town and catch a taxi or bus as was knakered but then one of our senior team was leaving the hospital at the same time and gave me a lift home. Bonus !!

Felt absolutely knackered and tearfull when i got in. Holly was not feeling well either. She's been with her Dad the weekend and we got told Wednesday evening that her sister has chicken pox so I think she is fighting that breaking out. Decided only fish and chips would do and that is what we had. I didnt reaslise till this morning that I hadnt taken my anti sickness tablets but wasnt feeling sick or anything.
Didnt sleep well last night. Got Holly home as well today as she's still poorly. Got back to bed around 12 and didnt get up till 2.30pm. Wasnt hungry this morning and didnt eat until I woke up this afternoon. Left most my tea as well but have decided not to take my anti sickness tablets as still not feeling sick. As advised by at the Dr earlier I have started to take Senna now rather then wait to be consitpated.

Also my next Chemo appt is going to be moved from the 27th May to after my holiday in Cornwall, 3rd June. I did say we could come up for the day if they change the date as it was actually on Holly's birthday but the team are happy to let me delay the chemo for a week. I'm chuffed i'm not interrupting our holiday but not chuffed by extending my treatment but then whats another week and lets hope it's not another 6 weeks that will get added if my drugs are changed.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Chemo Round 3 – Day 1

Sue ok but not feeling like writing anything much. So you got me here today, on Sue’s behalf, I’ll try and keep it brief.

Ok, Sue went and had a look round the new Cancer Centre today, and was very impressed with it all. I know it sounds wrong, but she’s looking forward to using it.

Bit of a mix up with her Chemo appointment time this week, her card said 11.30, but they had her booked in for 2.30, oops!!, so she ended up being there quite a bit longer than expected, which had not been good for her today as she was already not feeling particularly good.

Whilst waiting for her appointment with the counsellor, Sue met up and chatted with some people that she’d met previously, who are also having treatment.

Sue felt the counselling session went well and has realised that she’s holding onto a lot of stuff and has worked out a programme with the counsellor to help her deal with her issues.

As she left the hospital to walk into town to get a taxi, a member of the senior management team drove past and gave her a much need lift home.

Sue wanted to say that although she’s feeling very weepy, she’s doing ok and not to worry and will be reporting as normal soon.

Rachel x