Sunday, 23 October 2011

Long time no blog...

Have spent some time changing the design of it tho and just have some tweaking left to do when I can figure it out.

I have been quite busy the last 3 months. In summary, work, super market, home. Breaks by the sea include 5 days in Dorset with Gail Jennifer and Lennon, a week in North Devon with Rachel and Laura.  First time ever a bank holiday weekend in ND and not camping as was house, dog, cat and hot tub sitting for Karen. A lovely weekend in Tenby with friends. Enjoyed that part of my life's journey !!! (you had to be there to get that one).  Blue bell (car) broke, laptop broke, both now fixed.  A couple of nights out in the town, both Worcs and Taunton.  Went to see Dirty Dancing at the Bristol Hippodrome with what now seems to be, the obligatory exciting train journey home! Holly started year 9 at school, Careers fairs, having sleepovers here, trips to cinema and Gem and Rock show all normal stuff.  Even got into watching and enjoying the Rugby World Cup! (Holly not into it yet).

In getting my affairs in order a huge piece of work has now been completed in Worcester.  Many thanks to everyone that helped and won't single any one out.  I am just extremely grateful knowing I couldn't had done it on my own and feel so relieved that it is all sorted.  That just leaves my pensions to sort out now.  I didn't realise I had so many, making decisions difficult.

I have provided feedback to North Bristol Trust and Taunton & Somerset Foundation Trust over my patient experience with them this year.  Bristol have responded with apologies for the lost referral and delayed histopatholgy results and confirmed the changes and actions that have been set to ensure this doesn't happen to another patient.  That made me feel that it was worth the effort of writing to them and inspired me to finish off the report for Taunton and sent that off and as yet have not heard of any outcomes.

Had my CT scan last Tuesday, and cannula was inserted on the 2nd attempt. I really dislike needles and my vein's keep trying to hide from them as well!  I will have the results reported back to me at my Oncology appointment Tuesday 1st November. I have made suttle changes in my diet but have not incurred any weight loss which I know will help even more.  I am at the Penny Brohn Cancer centre next week for 3 days so I hope to come back all inspired and ready to do battle before the birthday and Christmas binging sessions arrive. 

Overall  I am doing good.  My sleeping pattern has improved, breaths huge sigh of relief.  I have let my hair grow a bit and it feels much stronger. Time for a change and get a cut now.  I need to improve my level of fitness still.  I suppose I should get the dust off my swimsuit and make the effort....