Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Well this is where I'm at...

Just to let you know or confirm if you have already heard on the grapevine but I have been diagnosed with Lobular Breast Cancer.

Treatment Plan
1st Treatment is hormone therapy – Tamoxifen

2nd Treatment starting 25/03/08 6 cycles (3 weeks = 1 cycle) of FEC (Drug combination of Flurouracil, Epirbicin, Cyclophosamide ). Depending on how my body responds to treatment this could extend to 8 cycles if they have to change the Drug combination which will be fed intravenously.

3rd Treatment is Surgery to remove the breast. Bummer still getting my head round that one.

I will come out the other side and be fine, same as others before me, this is just another mountain to climb to get there. I’ve already had a few weeks to get my head round all this and whilst I'm in for a rough ride (worse case scenario) It will be for the greater good.

This blog site is to keep family and friends informed of my progress. Rachel (sis) Holly and myself will be updating this to keep you informed and for any messages you may want to leave to cheer me on my way through when I can legitimately stay in bed all day feeling sick and it is not alcohol related :-)

Well here goes…


  1. Hi Sue, were here we made it! and were ready to help if needed, we admire your attitude and your love of life and people, but most of all we love you donna damien shane shannon and mirrisax x x

  2. hi Sue, Sally from australia here, we are thinking of you, take care x x x

  3. hi sue just wanted to say thinking of you love you take care karen xxx

  4. Hey - as Dave said everyone who knows you will have you in their thoughts. Love you loads - take care and keep us informed xxx

  5. Sue, just wanted you to know all our thoughts and best wishes are with you and of course Holly.If theres anything we can do to help please shout- love always Marie ,Chris Michelle Tanya & Natalie xxxxx

  6. Hi DB - thinking of you - you know where we are (((hugs))) Anne Nige Sarah Nick and Lulu

  7. well sue, i have read it all now and think u are handling it all very well but now i've turned up too cause some havoc!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!