Top tips I've picked up

On  the way!

Complimentary Therapy - Meditation, Reiki, Crystal healing, Reflexology. Most definately assists with the stress, anxiety and energy levels.

Chemotherapy - Make sure you drink your quota of water.
Oral thrush start taking Difflam the day before your Chemo day.
Lip crusts - start using vaseline the day before your Chemo day.
Heart burn - Omeprazole.
Not wanting to eat - Porridge, Complan and small nibbles
Ensure bowel contents are soft - Laxido if you can't stomach fruit. Also take probiotics if you can.  I wish I had.

Surgery - pre surgery Arnica tablets - anti-inflammatory. 
Post surgery - Hypericum - assist with healing.

Radiotherapy - As nurses will suggest start moisturising target area with Aqueous cream about 4 weeks beforehand.  Once treatment starts keep it in the fridge however try pure Aleo Vera Gel or Bio Oil.