Monday, 25 February 2013

1st round of chemo started today

which nearly never happened as I hadnt' picked up a voice message on my land line Thursday until Saturday. There had been no follow up call on my mobile either.  With last Monday's Oncology appointment leaving me feel morose and angry and then also on Saturday,  I had a copy letter of one sent to my G.P. with inaccurate information in it didn't cheer me up!  The impromptu late lunch on Holly and I had on Saturday with Lynne, James, Amy, Libby, Ali and Harry did though. :-)

A quick phone call this morning confirmed the message I had picked up was for my Chemotherapy appointment and they were going to offer me the 9am slot today!  As I was working on site today I was able to take it and it was still available - result!  The Cannula didn't hurt much and the nurse took blood required for a bench mark test from it was well - another result!  The actual drug infusion only takes 5 minutes but it was all the paperwork and waiting that took the time as this was my first course of the drug.   Eribulin will be given to me on day 1 and 8 of a 21 day cycle and I am earmarked for 3 cycles before reassessing with another CT scan to see if this is working.

My bloods came back with my LFTs showing some improvement, 1 test by a third , 2nd by half  but no movement on my Bilirubin levels.  My Hb is now below 10 so I have been booked in for a blood transfusion on Friday and my potassium level  is low - yep eat more banana's.

Mixed bag really, feeling less angry after firing off a couple of emails. So far no side effects but have to take steroids for 2 days.  Not sure what to do with the homeopathic meds.  I get the " lets keep things simple for my liver"  but no one has confirmed any contra interactions and I really want to have a natural approach to help remove toxins from my body and manage the side effects.

March is almost here and have some lovely weekends lined up creating more lovely memories :-) Bring it all on !!!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Well that went better than I thought...

I had prepared myself for the worst so I came out feeling quite chipper.  My kidney functions are all back in range and the stents are working as there is no fluid collection. My liver functions are still out of range and creeping in the wrong direction along with my Tumour markers.  However they are only creeping.  There is mild enlargement of  the lesions in my Liver and new ones noted, since my December scan.

So my options are, Chemo, Letrozel or stick with the Homeopathy treatment.  I was chuffed they were offering me chemo,  not convinced about Letrozel as none of the other Aromatase Inhibitor's had worked but my new Oncologist pointed out that I had taken a months supply since my last scan and the progression has been mild suggesting that this was still a viable option.  I would feel more confident about taking homeopathy treatment if I was being treated locally but happy to once we have reversed the cancer growth. The Chemo they want me to try is Eribulin and I need to do more research on this. 
I know I will go for the Chemo option whilst I am well enough to handle it and it is still an option. I have been told to go away and think about it for a week then I will let my Oncologist my decision.

On another bright note we have finalised the Charity Ball account and sent it off to the Penny Brohn Centre who have issued the certificate as below.  Thank you everyone that turned up to make this the success that it was as this would not have happened without you or without the phenomenal committee for making it happen.  
Have a good weekend everyone xxx


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Glad January is over

What a rubbish month it's been for people I know of and or care about loosing their fight with cancer.  I have to mention the lovely Timms family from Brackley.  We were so relieved the snow stopped allowing Holly and I to be with you all for the day.  It was a lovely, wonderful funeral and wake and may Margaret RIP but alive in our memories.

As if I needed any more reminding about how fickle cancer can be, ignoring my swelling face, weight gain and generally feeling worse then I had for a while,  I was finally persuaded last week to get to the Dr's.  Within 3 hours and after a couple of phone calls I was admitted to MAU and have got say the experience there was improved since my last visit in 2009.  I did  laugh when the Dr phoned me at work to say she had been been in touch with the Oncology team and then  "Your not going to like this but  ..."

Within hour and half,  all the tests, examinations and xrays and been done it was a case of waiting for the results (This is when I wish I had shaved my legs ).  The Secondary Breast Care nurse came up after clinic and said I was not to leave until a CT scan and MRI had taken place.  When the Dr and consultant  went through the results with me, we agreed that realistically I was not going to get scanned as it was gone 4pm at this time and that they would get them  booked for tomorrow.  This pleased me as I had no intention of staying overnight, however the CT scan is booked for next Tuesday morning with an appointment with oncology in the afternoon. 

Turns out that my liver functions, despite the improvement a fortnight before, has deteriorated and  I am passing protein in my urine.  It was quite frightening and had to get the plan b's into action for Holly if I was kept in.  For at least 1 minute my mind went to that dark place with the words that were being thrown about and the speed it all happened at.  Thankfully the clinical examinations have ruled out the dark places I went to however I will wait for the CT scan to be absolutley certain.  The water tablets have worked and I have lost the weight I had gained already and my face isn't sporting the steriod look.  Something else for me to research...

I managed to get to my Homoeopathic appointment this week as the last one was thwarted by the snow.  The Dr is pleased with how I have been with the Iscador  (mistletoe), Carcinosin and Ignatia and has prescribed 2 more for me to help with water retention, nausea and leg cramps and will put them on here when I have found some useful resource.  In addition to that my friend Tracey has pointed me in the direction of Chlorella which I will have to get myself.  He pointed out about my negative attitude with regards to next weeks scan as I told him I am expecting growth and spread as I am  not taking anything heavy duty to put the brakes on the cancer cells so to speak.  I only started the Homoeopathy medicines after Christmas because of my minor op.  Personally I think I am being realistic and expect to start a course of chemo, which isn't going to be a problem if my body reacts like it did last year when I went on it. 

Off to shave my legs as you never know.....