Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rachel’s Adventure to Take up Sick Bucket Duty!!

It was all going so smoothly last night , went to Salsa, (on reflection not the best idea with a trapped nerve in your shoulder!!!) knew exactly what I was packing, had my bath and was all ready for this morning……..

Woke up late, oops, not a good start but not to panic, train leaves at 0854 and its now 0750, doable, I can get to the station, no problem……

Left the house at 0840, a little bit later than planned, but ok, get to the end of the street and panic, arrgh which station do I need to go to (on reflection it didn’t really matter too much if I’d carried onto Shrub Hill but bit of paper said Foregate St, so made my way there!) Which is where it all started to go so horribly wrong…..

The machine at the station didn’t like my card, it just wasn’t working and I didn’t have enough cash on me, so, left my bags at the station, (I did ask if it was ok!) Ran, yes that’s right, ran (it wasn’t a pretty sight!) to Lloyds on The Cross, as my card doesn’t work in non Lloyds machines, grrr, 1st machine wouldn’t give out £10 notes so couldn’t get £30 that I had in the account, so screamed at the machine (yes, I do realise that didn’t help!) frightened this poor lady at the machine next to me and she very kindly let me in front of her, got the money, ran, yes again, back to the station, where, as I arrived, the train was pulling out………..

Bought my ticket thru tears of frustration and went and sat on the bottom step leading to the platform and had a good cry, ignoring all the comments and stares, god people are so rude, and so uncaring!!! And when I looked up, thru the tears, who was smiling down on me, yes my knight, Craig, Daniel Craig…. Unfortunately, it was a poster, but it did make me smile all the same!!

So, jumped on the train up to Shrub Hill, got chatting with this lady, and didn’t realise we had got to Shrub Hill, oops, just got off in time!! So had 20 mins till train due, went into the café and had a cuppa, then before I knew it, it was 2 mins till the train, arrg, ok, don’t panic, on the right platform, just pop outside and will be on the train… er no, that’ll be the train over there then will it, ooops, naughty word came out a bit louder than intended, so grabbed bags, strap got twisted round my wrist, trying to, yet again, run up the stairs without dropping bags or tripping up, which almost happened on the way down the stairs on the other side!!! But the very kind conductor, who I think heard my naughty word, held the train for me; he had seen me on the other platform!! There are nice people around!!

So, disaster averted!! Sue wasn’t happy me missing the first train, I know she’d have been really pissed if I’d missed the second one!!!

Anyway, not sure what’s wrong with me today, distracted I suppose, hadn’t realised that we’d pulled into Cheltenham, so grabbed the bags, which nearly ended up under the train as I was trying to disembark!!! Got on the platform, somehow, ended up circling the bag then tripping over it, much to the amusement of the couple sat watching me, but I just kept laughing at the stupidity of it all!!

5 mins till the train due, no more disasters please!!! Get on the train, get all nice and comfy, and it leaves the station, not in the direction that I’m used to when travelling to Taunton!!! Arrrgh, ooh, ask the trolley dolly, he assures me I’m on the right train, so finally relax.

Getting off the train at Taunton, no problems; didn’t switch of at all and nearly miss the station!! Well, here now, and then the cheeky taxi drive ripped me off!!!

Made my way to the hospital to pick Sue up, and her directions weren’t too bad, and I didn’t feel at all nervous that she’d got her lefts and rights mixed up!!

Found her waiting in reception, thankfully, so didn’t need her left right left directions after all!!!

Well, hopefully, the return journey will be less eventful!!! ;-)

Sue says thanks for all your messages, we will post her ongoings from today tomorrow!!


  1. Definitly one to keep Sue smiling when she feels down!

  2. hi sue ade and tina hear rach told us what was happening if you need anything let us know hope things are not to bad take care love us glos pair xxxxx