Wednesday, 13 June 2012

More Fantastic Results :-)

So I must be doing something right!
I had my CT Scan last week and popped along to the Beacon Centre for my results on Tuesday.  Usual routine, I was kept waiting as they hadn't got my results in.  I forgave them easily when the Oncologist came in and was mightily impressed with my blood results.  Liver functions all back in range and my tumour markers significantly reduced, however he was more pleased with my Liver functions.

All he could tell me about my scan results was it appears there has been  no change and no new lesions discovered and would email it me in a couple of days and no need to have chemo :-)  and was I happy to wait for another scan in 3 months time.  Drug free summer bring it on!!.  

The report hit my inbox later that afternoon and "These lesions have shown no definite change since the previous CT Scan of 20/03/12.  They have certainly not increased in size and no new lesions are noted" Whoo hoo...

My confidence is booming with what I am doing.  My next scan will be even more interesting as there will have been almost 5 months with no chemo just my holistic approach with the benefit of no side effects!

Normality can reign once again and I need to embrace this opportunity to concentrate on loosing weight and increase my agility.  Ok maybe start next week:-) 

Party plans for the 10th November are under way , I will tell more when bands and disco are confirmed but meanwhile book it out in your diary's as a  night not to be missed!!