Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Twas the night before chemo and all was quite throughout the house...

Especially after Holly went to bed! (Holly added “was quite throughout the house”bit :-)) And all you can hear is the keyboard and me, without alcohol, or cigarette doing my breathing exercises. Didn’t have any more Trauma moments today which was good and I even went to Slimming World and lost a whole pound! Better have lost some more in the next few months! Cant write on here what Holly said to that but it was to do with surgery!

Well I have been practising my breathing all day. Breath in, hold then breath out and I don’t even fancy a glass of wine. Donna is ill in bed so had to quickly come up with and arrange a plan B for coming home after being drugged up tomorrow. I LOVE YOU RACHEL xxx I promise I’ll do my ironing when I get up at 6am tomorrow.

Listened to a fantastic meditation tape today called The Rainbow House by the Sea narrated by Jane Brewer. Have had a quick on the net to see if I could buy a copy but cant find it so if anyone has one I could either buy or copy please give me a shout.

Holly’s Great Granny phoned up tonight I love talking to her. Spooky that last night I had written a card to her which is on the side waiting to be posted.

Not long now. Soon I shall be wondering what ever was I worrying about. I will wont I?


  1. 'Twas the day before drug day.....

    Thinking of you and wishing you all the bet ;-)


  2. Sending you hugs and all good wishes for today x x x x x

  3. Thinking of you and sent you some hugs down with Rachel xxx

  4. sending hugs x x x sorry about the emergency plan B thing, cheer's Racheal!
    Your sounding pretty good this mornng, I think you are doing absoluly wonderful. me on the other hand im just gonna lay here and do over the top croacking it! *COUGH COUGH* * SPLUTTER SLPUTTER*! LOL x x