Wednesday, 18 March 2009

What the nurse said is this…..

Chest Clear, small nodes as would normally expect to see, no obvious pulmonary metasteses (Lung Disease), liver checked out the same.

Some abnormality of the bony texture of the right SI joint (some where in the pelvic region) – appearance is benign.

I have a NM (Nuclear Medicine) Whole body bone scan arranged for Monday. I have to have an injection first and then 3 hours later a scan (I can leave and come back) which can take up to an hour oh joy (must remember the headphones to iPOD Karen you can text me mon am if you feel I might fail )

So to summarise Cruella doesn’t have any friends lurking about that showed up on the CT scan !!!

I managed a trip to MPH without loosing car parking ticket, (ok Thanks Donna ) tried on some lovely wigs, got tiresome after a while, think I will just wear a bandanna or get the nutty professor look from the pound shop IF I loose my hair ( I know I have been told I WILL and it doesn’t bother me )…..

Will continue ensuring I sleep well as I have felt good all day long……


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