Monday, 28 February 2011

2 little milestones completed today

1st one was I have said goodbye to my VAC therapy treatment.  I have lost my little dyson coffee filter after 3 weeks. Feels weird not to be attached to it. My wound is great but still needs dressings but  I'm only loosing about 5 mml of Exudate from my wound and my dressings can be changed by the GP.  Looking forward to a good night sleep tonight!
2nd one was after 7 weeks of not driving I took a short drive in my car.  That felt weird too.  Need to take that easy and use only for emergencies me thinks but still feeling like a happy positive bunny :-)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!

My wound is making huge progress on the healing front after nearly 3 weeks of VAC therapy.
Sadly, last week was a complete nightmare and I thoroughly wore myself out .  Firstly thank you to Anne and Nige for getting me to Bristol for my Oncologist appt. However after waiting for one and half hours to be seen only to be told the results have not yet been received.  I wont rant on here but needless to say I was not a happy bunny.  Then I had to fight to get Taunton to carry out a 10 minute procedure to drain the seroma from my back.  I had checked, but Bristol couldn't do this when I was up there on Tuesday.  Even after examining me, talking to the team at Bristol who were ok about them carrying it out, they refused to do this and eventually after lots of phone calls here there, everywhere and with almost everyone, they conceded providing I got a referral.  This was done and they saw me last Friday but looks like I've picked up another infection so on more antibiotics.
Monday was the start of my chilaxing week.  Thanks to John and Sarah, my neighbours who insisted that they take us up to my friend Karen in North Devon not just the train station.  I so want to move there! The hospitality was fantastic THANK YOU KAREN !  Caught up with Clare, Leia, Hope Luke and Faye.  Yesterday Teri collected Holly and myself and we took TJ for a walk along Saunton Sands which blew away the cobwebs.  I completely zoned out for a few days.  Holly has chilled out too watching Friends back to back, jacuzi's, pizza and chips!!  What more could she ask for ?
To top off a truly relaxing time, the oncologist from Bristol phoned me yesterday and asked if it was ok to discuss the results he had received on Cruella's sister.  After my confirmation he advised that this tumour is made up of Oestrogen  and with hormone positive receptors (Exact make as Cruella).  With my sentinel node biopsy being clear it is very unlikely that I would be referred for Chemotherapy treatment.  That's all I wanted to hear.  I have loads of questions but will keep them for my oncologist appt on the 8th March in Taunton.  I know there will be possibility of Radiotherapy and I'm sure there will be drugs but as this tumour grew whilst on Tamoxifen not sure which ones.
So feeling relaxed for a change but not popping the champagne just yet....

Monday, 7 February 2011

VAC Therapy now installed

and working.   This week is going to be so much better then last week. The District nurse and the Nurse Specialist turned up around 10am.  Putting on the dressing and the training took just over an hour.  I carry the pump and drain canister in a black bag with a detachable shoulder strap. If you want to know more   Fascinating read.  
I just feel so relieved.  Mine will probably be on for more then 5 days and the dressing itself will be changed on Wednesday, Friday and Monday and I empty the canister when necessary. As the pump makes a noise like a coffee filter machine  I don't think I'll go to the pictures this week I may well be asked for a coffee :-)x  

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Quick Update

My referral has  been received at Taunton's Tissue Viability Team.  I had a call this morning to confirm that equipment had been ordered and I would be seen at home on Monday but couldn't advise what time.  I did ask why this was being left till Monday and got told there is little support for this over the weekend. As disappointed as I am  I do understand.  The more expensive dressings will arrive today so hopefully I should only need to change my dressing one a day.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders
Bristol Breast Care team have also contacted me this morning to see how I am and ensure the referral has got through.  

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

3 Weeks 1 Day post op

and my wound is dripping for England still.  I had a more expensive dressing that Debbs put on for me on Monday which lasted till this morning.  Went to see local nurse who checked wound and changed dressing which leaked before I got home.  No sign of my priority referral to the Tissue Viability team made a week ago.  My Bristol Breast Care nurse is going to chase this up today after clinic and Taunton are on standby as there is nothing they will do until that referral shows up from where ever it is hiding in Bristol.  Didn't appreciate the impact this is all having on my well being till I went 2 days without leaks or dressing change.  Have had to strip the bed this morning and 3rd top change and it is only 10.20am.  Not a great start and as I didn't sleep well last night feel tearful today.

Still have had a better week then last week.  Nige B took me shopping with his mother in law on Saturday.  Sunday,  Ali collected Holly and I and took us back to her house for a lovely Sunday Roast - Thank you it was lovely.  Monday, despite feeling sick and nauseous went for a carvery at the Merry Monk courtesy of Anne - Thank you, I managed to keep down what I ate - Result.  In the afternoon Claire P and baby Olivia came round.  Nothing like a baby to put a smile on your face.  Tuesday Hazel from work came and took me out to the Monkton Garden centre where we spent a fabulous time in the sun with a coffee - Thank you!!  

Holly has been brilliant, and didn't she make me chuckle when she ran out the door this morning when I said my bedding had to be stripped.  Hoping to have a lovely weekend with a trip to the Rock n Gem show (might even be inspired to be creative once the leaking has stopped) followed by a curry Saturday night.

I have had the Oncology appointment through and this is for the 15th Feb not the 8th as told last week.  Hopefully the priority referral which appears to be in the snail post should get things moving tomorrow....