Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Chemo Round 4 Day 7 - Cruella is Shrinking

I feel so tired but completetly elated that the ultrasound scan today confirms that Cruella has shrunk in size by 9mmish and the density has also reduced. I celebrated with an Iced bun and bought a Jam doughnut round !! (Holly ate hers without licking her lips). I feel so happy and lucky.

I suspect now that I will stay on the origional treatment plan of 6 cycles which means only 2 more to go. Won't think about surgery yet still a long way off .

Still feeling incredibly tired and managed a power nap today so feel quite chuffed.
Big smiles all round :-)

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Chemo Round 4 Day 4 am

I am feeling much better this morning. Could have done with a bit more sleep but feel releaxed and pottering around the house tidying ect. Am planning a power nap before taking myself off to the pictures, Holly's at her dads and I have some friends arriving later.

My reflexlogy yesterday was wonderfull. Felt tearfull on way over , feeling tired and bored with all this now but reminded myself that I had managed 3 rounds , doing 4 at the moment and only 2 left to go (providing Cruella shrinks) and pulled mysellf together. Fell asleep in reflexlogy and a wonderfull session at meditation and felt much better about everything.

Still forgetting to take tablets which is abit annoying but at lease it was only one and not days this time.
Thanks for my messages Kerri amd Leina
and will be in touch soon.

Sue xxx

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Chemo Round 4 day 2

Well following last night's vomiting debut, my dinner decided to follow suit as well even though I had taken the anti sickness tablets. Went to bed pretty early and called hospital but just to let them know more then anything else. Checked my temperature which was ok. My friends was staying over last night so felt comfortable that I could go to hospital if necessary without worrying about waking the Bebbs up for an impromptu stopover so holly didn't wake up in an empty house.

Breakfast has stayed down and so far so has lunch so I think I had drank too much water for my body to absorb hence the rejection and it felt the same way about my dinner and the anti sickness tabs didn't stand a chance. Slept well though till gone 7am and still tired today but just just relaxing. So far so good ...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Chemo round 4 part 2

Well I was doing good. The experience was ok. Met some more lovely people and didnt cry. Still can't look though. Drank loads of water but sadly brought it all up. Didnt think i'd need antisickness tabs for water. Have kept my tea down so far but feel really crap and off to bed.
Holly doesnt feel to well either so I didn't push for her to go to scouts which has saved me a trip.

Off to bed now will catch up tomorrow


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Chemo round 4 Day 1

Well my pre assesment appointment yesterday was promising. My bloods are ok so I get the thumbs up for chemo round 4 (ok i snuck in an extra week as I went to Cornwall). Side effects have been manageable. It was not because I forgot to take steriods that I didnt have any mouth ulcers I've been assured by my Oncoolgy Dr that the chemo causes that (Oh well).

I think Cruella is shrinking as I cannot feel her through my bra any more and the Doc had to look hard for her yesterday as well. Fingers crossed that the Ultrasound scan next wednesday confirms the same. That would be great
My friend Bianca is doing the Race for life today at Silverstone. She has never done this before and is purely motivated by what is happening to me even getting her hair shaved when I had to do mine as it was falling out. If you havn't sponsored anyone yet and want to and don't forget to gift aid your donation.
I am going to take the DS and play Suduko today to take my mind off needles. Will be in the new Beacon Centre so not as cramped as previous visits. umm will let you know if this works

Sue xx