Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Twas night before chemo round 2...

And the house definitely quiet as Holly at her dad’s.

Well what a day. My anxiousness has been building up since Thursday. Not sure whether this was the hair starting to fall out or the changes at work but hey I can’t ignore how I’m feeling even if I don’t understand why.

Have had a lovely Easter weekend spent at home with visitors dropping by. Laura lou arrived Wednesday, Lynne stayed over Thursday, Penny and Philip called in on Saturday and Sarah called in and stayed over Sunday night. Very relaxing, got some jobs done, courtesy of Laura lou. Went to see the ponies on the Quantocks Monday. Strangely I had afternoon naps on Sunday and Monday. I find this strange as I can’t get to sleep at night but happily cat nap in the afternoons. Having discussed this dilemma I agree with possible cause being the anxiety I feel is draining my energy therefore making me tired.

I went to work wearing my wig. It was nothing to worry about. It’s just a change.
The anxiety I felt this morning was diffused by the time I left the Somerset Cancer Aid for Everyone (CAFÉ). I was met by the lady who sat with me on my 1st round of chemo (Linda) and she recounted that day to the others at the drop in and we were all laughing. I then had a neck and shoulder massage, healing and meditation. Linda also arranged to come and find me tomorrow at the hospital and we will try some head scarves on and she will show me how to do this. I would never believe I could write this but I am looking forward to my chemo session tomorrow. It is going to be easier then my brother Colin’s chemo, I get a personal head dresser into the bargain. I have also bought a eye gel pad to use whilst I’m being pricked. I came out feeling pretty chipper and went back to work feeling totally relaxed. If ever I needed evidence about relaxation techniques diffusing anxiety attacks I need look no further. I have to bring this into my daily routine.

I went to the hospital this afternoon for my blood tests and pre-assment interview. Whilst in the oncology department I met a lady there whom I met at CAFÉ. We have had a chat. She has finished her chemo and she looks well. Will I be able to do better? I was called in to my tests and off I went looking for a powerful distraction as needles in my body causes me a problem. Extraction of blood was not too traumatic. I had fired of a line of questions to the nurse and had to let her know she could stop now the blood extraction had been completed. When I came out there was another couple from the café group. Seemed like a mini reunion. I didn’t have to wait for long and got called in to be seen by the pharmacist. We summarised my side effects -- Orange pee, nausea, fatigue, cold seats, hot flushes, constipation, diarreah, constipation, foul taste in my mouth, horrible smells escaping from my bum, enflamed skin stag on guard on the bowel exit, tiredness but all manageable and finally hair falling out. I know this is going to get accumulatively worse but I feel I have completed first round successfully. My bloods have dropped from the bench mark tests taken before I started my chemo, but it is within their ranges.

I’m pleased that I can go through to round to 2.
oh well here goes...


  1. Thinking of you today and sending lots of (((hugs)))

  2. You've done brilliantly with the first lot, keep it up for round 2. xx

  3. Cold "seats" and "enflamed" stags huh? I'd get a refund if I were you :-) Or take a cushion and a fire extinguisher next time.

    Good luck sis, hope it goes nicer than the first one.


  4. Anyway, who are u trying to kid about the horrible smells from your bum being a side effect of the chemo, what was the excuse before chemo?? ;-0