Wednesday, 29 April 2009

It's Ok to Cry

I do know that but not over nothing. Must be me hormones....

Tuesday I found it a real effort to go to the CAFE group but I was motivated by knowing I would feel better for it. When I got back I had a card in the post from Rachel of the painting we saw in the Birmingham Museum January of Monte Civetta from Lake Alleghe by Elija Walton. This made me estatic as when I use meditation and mountains are mentioned this is what I was visulising before I had even seen it. The painiting in the museum is one awsome sight.

I had a Ultra sound scan Wednesday and Cruella hasn't grown but hasn't shrunk either. Will know more on Tuesday when I go for my blood test and pre assement appointment as to what changes may be made. Either change of drugs or surgery brought forward. I can't deal with the surgery details at the moment only the timings for practical reasons.

It was good when I got into work. It is lovely to see everyone and I managed some work as well. A small bit of normality surrounding the Hospital and Dr's appointments. Can tell when I start to feel better as I even bought a bottle of wine on my Asda trip and had a glass (ok 2 ) with dinner. Will have managed 2 and half days this week!

I have a mouth ulcer that is annoying me and is not responding to Anbesol so I am going to ring the Dr's to see if they can prescribe anything stronger. Any ideas welcome.

I am really looking forward to the weekend. Holly is off to her dad's for the weekend but Rachel and Laura are coming down. Saturday we are just staying here and chilling, may get Laura to finish the cleaning patio and mow the lawn. well ok it's worth a try :-) Sunday we are going on a day trip to North Devon so the sun better come out to play.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend like I'm going to , have a good un


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  1. Hoping the ucler's gone by now, but if not try rinsing with old fashioned warm water with a tablespoon of salt in...alternately, don't tell lies and you won't get them in the first place!! At least that's what my Nan used to say! xx