Monday, 27 April 2009

Summary of Chemo Round 2

Well I'm on Round 2 Day 12. I have noticed a difference from day 9 (Friday) onwards with tiredness and my nose has started to bleed, spots but bleeding all the same and as it's my blood I found the first episode traumatic. Please note the use of the word FIRST as I am cool with it now however I did phone the Hospital and burst out crying to them that my nose was bleeding but not horrendously and wanted to let them know and confirm what I would need to do.

I am sleeping ok now but some mornings I wake at 6am but then I managed to back to sleep Sunday morning and didnt get up till 9am. I am going to back to bed around 11.30 am and getting up around 1:30 - 2pmish. I dont like being in bed when Holly comes home from school.

Kerri came down from Worcester Saturday afternoon, laden with all things healthy (including Red wine as in small doses...) We also went into town and I bought another beanie hat and some more scarves. Kerri also bought me a lovely hat which I wore Sunday afternoon when I took Holly to her St Georges day parade with the Scout and Guide movement. We finished off the evening with a spot of Wii fit , and a chinese takeaway with Vern who popped in on his way back to Brackly from Minehead.

Today I was awake at 6am so started reading a book kerri brought with her called The Breast Cancer Book which i am finding very interesting. I have a similar outlook and humour as the author. Holly came in and joined me around 7.15am so we chatted for a while which was lovely. I had said to her I might not be up and she seemed pleased I was awake but at least didn't insist I take her to school.

My nose keeps spotting blood or clear liquid, my right cheek has a red patch on it with some spot type lumps and I felt better after my mid morning nap. I am managing to sleep without Z tabs which I feel better about. I am starting to remember my dreams at the moment, they had been quite for a while now but have started up again so will start to write them down.

All in all round 2 again was managable, more tired from day 9. I understand my bloods are at their lowest but was amazed at the difference and how quickly the changes were. I had been ravenous from Sunday , then Friday morning woke up feeling great and within 2 hours I had lost my appetite, nose bleeds, tearfullness and more tired. How quickly it all changed was frightning on it's own.

I am preparing to work this week and already arranging some holistic care for diffusing the anxiety and trauma of blood tests and chemo next week. Time flies...


  1. Don't 4get, me + Laura coming to annoy u this weekend ;0 and i'm really glad that my card did what it was intended to, that was to make u smile, not cry ;) xxxxx

  2. Just take it steady and ask if you need anything (((hugs)))