Monday, 20 April 2009

Over 1 third of the way through my chemo treatment !

That really makes me feel good saying that. I still have bruises from chemo day last week and still going through the smelly C&D and weird feeling in my mouth has started.

Holly came back Friday, she’d had a fabulous time with her dad and family. She was really happy, took her younger sister and brother into her room for some snatched play time. She looked away initially when I changed to my wig but then couldn’t stop her playing with the scarves on my head. We had a good chat and watched a DVD before Pat & Co arrived for the weekend. I decided to stay at home Saturday as was tired. Holly went out with the rest of them to Combe Martin and had a lovely day. Spent Sunday morning out at Chothlestone Hill where we found the horses. I could have stayed there all day although I couldn’t believe how hungry I got. I couldn’t wait for my dinner when I got home and ate a load of crap then a big pate of Sunday dinner on top. I was starving. This led to a 2 hour or more marathon sleep so didn’t do DVD with Holly.

When Holly went to bed I had the old “I’m no feeling too well”. Anxiety about going to school the next day. Normally I would let her get in bed with me but I have such smelly eruptions at the moment she agreed to go to her own bed.

This morning she was no better, managed to get her to bring us up both a slice of toast and me a cup of Lemon Green Tea and there we were having breakfast in bed. I encouraged her to eat her toast and by the time I had had a shower and got ready for my Dr’s appt, she was still crying and her friends turned up at the door to walk to school with her. This usually stops the visual display of her not being well, but I still walked up to school with them sporting my beanie hat and scarf and had a word with Mr J. She came back happy but still poorly. Chirpy enough to tell me about her friend at school finding my blog, chirpy enough to check that I had worn my wig when her other friend had seen me in Asda, chirpy enough to give me a manicure and pedicure outside in the garden and show me her skipping skills, chirpy enough to go swimming….... umm apart from balding head, C&D, weird feeling in my mouth, anxiety about the unknown, almost normal…...


  1. Chirpy enough to give Aunty Rachel a pedicure weekend after next?

    Keep going, we'll be in widemouth bay, trying to sneak into port isaac and hijack martin clunes before u know it!!

  2. I try the Malteser test with mine when they have tummy ache; if choclatey goodness can't tempt them, the tummy ache is real!