Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Life is for Living

I keep having these wonderful powerful thoughts even when I successfully have an afternoon nap. I will have to start writing them down but on their own you'll think I'm bonkers. Ok you already think that!

On Monday I started an experiment. I have shaved my legs and we are going to see how quickly the hair grows back. Today is Wednesday and still no stubble. I have had to trim my finger nails and my hair on my head is still falling out so this doesn't make too much sense. Scientists out there answers on a postcard please... .

Tuesday at the CAFE group I had a foot massage and some reiki again. Always come away feeling relaxed. Popped into work quickly after lunch and explaining how meditation and Rekie works really well for me, Sara asked if I stayed quiet enough for meditation , have to admit i do surpise myself sometimes :-)

This morning started out with the Marmite jar jumping out at Holly and smashing everywhere. Luckily she didn't hurt herself and her stomach ache went away. Finished off today being at the cimema to see 17 Again.

Good news received about Colin, he is having limited side effects on his HD IL-2 treatment he started on Monday at The Christie in Manchester for his cancer. I am so relieved although I do appreciate like myself these are early days. Good news all the same.

The weird feeling in my mouth has disappeared, the smelly eruptions are still happening, still feeling tired and incredibly hungry and looks like I shall win the title for the first in our family to be bald...


  1. But Sue you have the advantage that yours will grow back! :o)

  2. I know, it's a good cheat hey ...

  3. Hey, hair is overrated in my humble opinion.


  4. Ha HA you would say that but hey you can have my wig and get it restyled when I've finished :-)

  5. We don't think your bonkers sue, we know u are!!!