Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Chemo Round 3 – Day 1

Sue ok but not feeling like writing anything much. So you got me here today, on Sue’s behalf, I’ll try and keep it brief.

Ok, Sue went and had a look round the new Cancer Centre today, and was very impressed with it all. I know it sounds wrong, but she’s looking forward to using it.

Bit of a mix up with her Chemo appointment time this week, her card said 11.30, but they had her booked in for 2.30, oops!!, so she ended up being there quite a bit longer than expected, which had not been good for her today as she was already not feeling particularly good.

Whilst waiting for her appointment with the counsellor, Sue met up and chatted with some people that she’d met previously, who are also having treatment.

Sue felt the counselling session went well and has realised that she’s holding onto a lot of stuff and has worked out a programme with the counsellor to help her deal with her issues.

As she left the hospital to walk into town to get a taxi, a member of the senior management team drove past and gave her a much need lift home.

Sue wanted to say that although she’s feeling very weepy, she’s doing ok and not to worry and will be reporting as normal soon.

Rachel x

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