Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Another positive difference in a week!

I had correctly guessed my bloods would have improved as 2 of the symptoms have improved and I felt my energy level increase. Shame you cannot prescribe weekends away with friends!
My kidney functions are all normal and my LFTs have shown improvement in 3 with the 4th moving by 1 point in the wrong direction.  My potassium level still dropping along with my HB.  During the most positive Oncology meeting I have had all year, the following plan has been agreed.
1. A referral to Liver specialist to understand why my Liver functions have deteriorate as the 2 largest tumours would not be the cause.  Liver being such a large organ should be able to cope with them.
2.  Stop all medicines for 2 weeks to see if there is even more improvement.  I have agreed to stop the Homeopathy and herbs and keep a foood diary!  We looked at the LFTs over the last 2 years and can see the deterioration started mid 2011.  Yes I had all the graphs with me and I will have a look and see what I was taking.
3. A referral to have the fluid that has collected in my belly drained.  This will improve mobility and appetite. Dr examined me and confirmed I have Ascities.  I just thought it was the left over fluid from being drip fed it me when I was in hospital.  I had stopped taking the water tablets last week as Dr called to say my potassium was low and  I know they impact the potassium levels.
4.  Review bloods in a fortnights time and if there is sufficient improvement in the Liver functions then I can start Capecetabin.  I may need another blood transfusion if the HB levels don't improve.

What a huge difference a different oncologist makes.  Thinking outside the box, being spoken to as a person not a number.  I was even asked how my daughter was coping with everything.  We discussed possible causes of the reduced liver functions and the last scan results.  What is involved with the Acities and what happens to get it drained.  It involves local anethestetic and a night in hospital.  Umm drugs that will impact my liver functions....
I am still angry at last weeks episode with Dr D&G and her advise has been contradicted today by someone who I know and trust from being my oncologist in 2009.

Heres to more Orange Juice, Fruit Teas and fun xx

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