Tuesday, 19 March 2013

An eventful afternoon in Clinic!!!

Arrived at the Beacon Centre had bloods taken and waited to be called in.  Thankfully time flew as Debbs was with me and before we knew we were all sat in the consultant room.  I was asked how I'd been and I told them my concerns.  Then the consultant, using last weeks blood test results, continued including giving me another less toxic chemo option.  I was then asked to come back in two weeks so that a treatment plan can be agreed and asked if I wanted a referral to our local hospice for symptom management.  This all based on a week old blood tests.  I confirmed I was not leaving without my test results which was discouraged but I stood my ground and went to the waiting room.   Then I realised I didn't know what to do as the Consultant and nurse would be seeing the next patient.  Bordering hysterical I called my GP and the duty Dr agreed to look out for them and ring me.  This gave me chance to calm down and by that time I had found out the results were in and asked reception to get a Dr to print them out.

Lynne arrived at this point and tried to establish what had happened.  The nurse then came out with the results and it painted a different picture to last weeks!!!!  Still out of range but improvement in 3 out of the 4 LFTs including the Bilirubin.  Lynne took charge and asked to continue talking to the nurse and got her to get us a room.  She then cleared up all the issues including a change in my consultant, brought the next appt forward by a week, I agreed to the hospice referral for symptom management.  Result.  Thanks Lynne I feel extremely lucky.  I feel much calmer now and it was certainly the right thing to do.  The consultation should have never taken place without the current blood tests.  Not that much has changed but it brought positivity to the table.

Feeling exhausted now and Alice is cooking me chili for dinner so signing off....


  1. Oh for God's sake - nothing gets any better does it - it's no good having a bloody PALS system of complaint if nothing is ever learned or improved - they make you bloody sick - grrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I just feel so frustrated for you - you should be using your strength to feel better and enjoy life with an air of positivity not fighting incompetence and apathy - bet they wouldn't be so lethargic and uncaring if it was their own wife or daughter - right Rant Over!!!! Thank God for Lynne and Debs - love you (((((hugs)))))

  2. Hope you had a great dinner. So sorry about how things nearly went totally pear-shaped.