Monday, 11 March 2013

It gets better

Well catheter came out today and I went for a short walk afterwards to the cash point and Lesley P brought me back in the wheel chair but is was a good start thank you lovely!!!!
My creatinine levels have come down by another 20 points.  I am carrying fluid but have turned down the magic pills as I don't want this to affect my kidney function but will have to monitor it.  I hope to be discharged tomorrow with 7days of antibiotics as a small UTI infection is being checked out and I'm happy with that.  I also have to do something with my hair as it has fallen out again so I will have to grab the scarfs and hats out and hope to sport a spiky look before the Judi Dench look comes back :-)

Options for the next steps are being discussed and I have lots of options to explore and will post that when I have made them.  The good news for now is that recovery is good and going home tomorrow.

A huge thank you to everyone including Thandi.  As you know I have continued with plans as a well person but having plan b's as well.  This weekend Holly and I were going to Bournemouth to see Olly Murs at the Bournemouth International Centre and stay the weekend in a lovely 4 star hotel booked through Laterooms.  I have to say they have all been brilliant. With the bookings being the last thing on my mind except ensure the Olly Tickets went to a good home with as little fuss as possible.  The hotel phoned Friday to check what my arrival time was and I acknowledged they were my next call and apologised but would hope to transfer to another day but not in a position to discuss it at moment and explained what happened.  They sorted every thing out and got in touch with Laterooms who have confirmed today they are going to let me have my booking at another date to suit me without extra charge for the same hotel.  Wonderful news and I am so grateful for the stress took away from me by the hotel.  Big brownie points to both of them.  Then the BIC came up trumps as well.  My lovely friends Elaine and Tanita were both free and able to go to the concert and I was able to let them have the tickets and the BIC were very helpful and made this secure but a painless exercise.  I am so glad you both enjoyed the evening and the tickets went to a good home.  I'll get to see him at some point :-(
Thats all for now.  All good and going in the right direction.  Going home tomorrow with managable side effects and rest.  Thanks for everyones thoughts and wishes it all helps xxxx

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