Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fab test results are in which have made my day...

Restful night, nurse came in. And informed me of results and Shushhh.
LFTs -Bilirubin shot up to from to 34 to 127 now down to 80 need to get to 17.
Kidneys - just waiting for creatinine levels to return from down to 184 and need to be under 120.
Potassium and Magnesium bank in range.
CA 153 tumour markers are now down to 122.6 need to get to 34.
My WBC is now back in range too so no longer neutrophenic
Although i am loosing fluid at a better rate, catheter is staying to monitor my kidney functions in particular my creatinine level.
My leg swelling will improve with rest and better urination.
Overall Result - All good news, functions improving in the right direction, symptoms improving and relaxing will also help. Will be having another blood test shortly.  Just waiting for a vein to come out to play

Thank you everyone for your messages of support and good wishes. Apologies for no personal replies but as you can  imagine I have been inundated however it all helps.  Holly's care is all sorted for next week keeping up normality as much as possible which is what she wants.  I feel more informed therefore more in control.  We cannot talk about next options until  the kidneys are working properly which is what is being closely monitored. 
I am being moved to the Beacon centre this afternoon as I come under Oncology.  Nothing to do with the private party I had last night.....
Lots of love and best wishes to you with a huge thank you xxxx

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