Sunday, 3 March 2013

A big Whoop Whoop and another winge...

However the Whoop Whoop is fantastic!  This has made up for the 3 attempts to get canulated on Friday for my blood transfusion and that is my blood results from Monday before I started chemo, showed a good improvement in the the right direction and my LFTs and my Tumour Marker.  It is just my Bilirubin level hasn't changed which I need to reduce.  I didn't care, I was ecstatic as you can imagine as this has given me the confidence in the homeopathy drugs I have been prescribed and ones I have self prescribed.  Big Whoop Whoop!!!  Just need to bring down my Blirubin and have been shopping for Echinacea tea, beetroot juice and already using honey and lemon.  The problem I face is having enough time to drink it!!

The down side is the side effects of Monday's chemo has kicked in starting with mouth ulcers.  A quick scour of the intranet showed Coconut oil and Chamomile will help.  Appetite gone and reminds me of how I felt in 2009 when I had 8 cycles.  Have got in snacks for energy and more Complan.

The whoop whoop more then makes up for this (I am still trying to convince myself) as my confidence is booming particularly after the last 2 weeks..  I have put a call into the Penny Brhon centre to speak to a dietitian to see what else they can suggest to bring my Bilirubin levels down.  Answers on a post card please .....



  1. Hope you manage to bring those levels down so you don't need to 'whinge' ;-) and we can just stick to woop woop...Though we'd then also need to get rid of those mouth ulcers too!

  2. Wonderful Sue - lets hope things keep improving and they can help you with the mouth ulcers too - much love xxxxxxx