Friday, 8 March 2013

A quick update for you

After Saturday and Sunday spent mostly on the sofa, in a lot of pain , attempt at work on Tuesday but leaving work early and the start of being sick on Wednesday phoned duty GP and the Beacon centre on Wednesday it was decided with dehydration and white blood count on Thursday it was deemed necessary to admit me to Hospital on Thursday.
I was hooked up to antibiotics and cayline straightaway further tests were completed. I was Neutropenic - low white blood count and dehydrated.  Tests I conformed I had no infection  but kept overnight for the other.  I am not passing out enough water water now either.

I am needed to stay in to rehydrate me and increase my white blood count and reduce the jaundice which accompanies all that.
There are other options to consider as well with the impact the chemo has had on me sand I will update my blog when I understand them as my liver functions, surprise surprise,have been impaired which will be prioritised and disscussed.

Plan B for Holly is in action. We have all had a bit of a shock. However I am in the right place and should be hear for about 5 days.

Thanks for all the good wishes but this is all for nowxxxx

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