Monday, 25 February 2013

1st round of chemo started today

which nearly never happened as I hadnt' picked up a voice message on my land line Thursday until Saturday. There had been no follow up call on my mobile either.  With last Monday's Oncology appointment leaving me feel morose and angry and then also on Saturday,  I had a copy letter of one sent to my G.P. with inaccurate information in it didn't cheer me up!  The impromptu late lunch on Holly and I had on Saturday with Lynne, James, Amy, Libby, Ali and Harry did though. :-)

A quick phone call this morning confirmed the message I had picked up was for my Chemotherapy appointment and they were going to offer me the 9am slot today!  As I was working on site today I was able to take it and it was still available - result!  The Cannula didn't hurt much and the nurse took blood required for a bench mark test from it was well - another result!  The actual drug infusion only takes 5 minutes but it was all the paperwork and waiting that took the time as this was my first course of the drug.   Eribulin will be given to me on day 1 and 8 of a 21 day cycle and I am earmarked for 3 cycles before reassessing with another CT scan to see if this is working.

My bloods came back with my LFTs showing some improvement, 1 test by a third , 2nd by half  but no movement on my Bilirubin levels.  My Hb is now below 10 so I have been booked in for a blood transfusion on Friday and my potassium level  is low - yep eat more banana's.

Mixed bag really, feeling less angry after firing off a couple of emails. So far no side effects but have to take steroids for 2 days.  Not sure what to do with the homeopathic meds.  I get the " lets keep things simple for my liver"  but no one has confirmed any contra interactions and I really want to have a natural approach to help remove toxins from my body and manage the side effects.

March is almost here and have some lovely weekends lined up creating more lovely memories :-) Bring it all on !!!

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