Thursday, 27 January 2011

17 days Post OP

Have had a few dramatics over the last week.  The infection took hold before the antibiotics kicked in.  My wound was leaking heavily and at one point a CSI agent would have looked at home in my bedroom. Huge thanks to my neigbours Debbie and Sara for running me down to the surgery twice, changing my bedding and then taking all my washing away to do.  I put in a call to Bristol who were surprised that a wound site was leaking but said "First thing is not to Panic. You are on antibiotics minimising the risk of infection and just keep changing the dressings"  Well that's all ok then!  Thanks to Claire for doing some shopping, never ever have I bought such a big box of Maltesers for myself but they are doing the job.  And not forgetting the Bebbs with Anne bringing food parcels and getting both Holly and myself round to theirs for dinner. And then there was Jill who took me out for an hour to Asda on Sunday.  I went in one of the electric trolly's and Jill placed in the shopping.
The weekend I was a bit tearful which I think I can allow myself.  I accepted the impact on my recovery this  infection has had. Cancelled plans to visit family and attend a christening this weekend.  Also the harsh reality of my vulnerability felt foremost in my thoughts following the death of one of my fellow bloggers, Daria,  from Secondary Breast Cancer. This reminded me of the banter we had with my brothers David and Colin when they were faced in the same situation which did put a smile on my face for a bit and hoped Daria's family are drawing similar comfort.
Anne took me to the BRI for this weeks appointment. Dr Chaudry (one of the assistant surgeons) decided I needed more antibiotics, took a swab and also wanted Mr Raytor to see the wound.  She also confirmed that an appointment has been made to see the Oncologist on the 8th February to discuss any further treatment plans e.g. Chemo based on the test results.  Well he will be able to answer the majority of my questions not the surgeons.
Mr Raytor examined the wound and explained to me as they had to open up a 5 week old wound and the skin is not healing particularly well hence continued leaking. What they have done is placed a priority referral to the Tissue Viability Team. They will fit a Vacutex dressing on my wound.  This will accelerate capillary action on the wound will draw the infection out, encourage the new cells forward to assist with the skin healing.  Having read a bit on the Vacutex on the net it all makes a lot of sense but I'm sure he mentioned a tiny pump being used as I remember him saying "there will be a small regular vibrating noise" but can't locate relevant info. This is of course dependant on funding.  Anne please feel free to correct me if I have got this wrong.  If I don't hear anything by Friday I will chase this up.  I successfully changed my dressing this morning but should have done it before it started leaking.  I will get the hang of it soon!!

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  1. No Sue - don't need to correct you - that sums it all up pretty well :) (((hugs)))