Wednesday, 2 February 2011

3 Weeks 1 Day post op

and my wound is dripping for England still.  I had a more expensive dressing that Debbs put on for me on Monday which lasted till this morning.  Went to see local nurse who checked wound and changed dressing which leaked before I got home.  No sign of my priority referral to the Tissue Viability team made a week ago.  My Bristol Breast Care nurse is going to chase this up today after clinic and Taunton are on standby as there is nothing they will do until that referral shows up from where ever it is hiding in Bristol.  Didn't appreciate the impact this is all having on my well being till I went 2 days without leaks or dressing change.  Have had to strip the bed this morning and 3rd top change and it is only 10.20am.  Not a great start and as I didn't sleep well last night feel tearful today.

Still have had a better week then last week.  Nige B took me shopping with his mother in law on Saturday.  Sunday,  Ali collected Holly and I and took us back to her house for a lovely Sunday Roast - Thank you it was lovely.  Monday, despite feeling sick and nauseous went for a carvery at the Merry Monk courtesy of Anne - Thank you, I managed to keep down what I ate - Result.  In the afternoon Claire P and baby Olivia came round.  Nothing like a baby to put a smile on your face.  Tuesday Hazel from work came and took me out to the Monkton Garden centre where we spent a fabulous time in the sun with a coffee - Thank you!!  

Holly has been brilliant, and didn't she make me chuckle when she ran out the door this morning when I said my bedding had to be stripped.  Hoping to have a lovely weekend with a trip to the Rock n Gem show (might even be inspired to be creative once the leaking has stopped) followed by a curry Saturday night.

I have had the Oncology appointment through and this is for the 15th Feb not the 8th as told last week.  Hopefully the priority referral which appears to be in the snail post should get things moving tomorrow....

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