Monday, 17 January 2011

6 days Post Op - First day home alone

and doing well.  Holly brought up coffee and toasted teacakes for me before taking herself off to school.  I feel nauseous in the morning so the food, coffee, painkillers and more rest helps me feel better. Another hour in bed before empting my drains as I still have 2 in and draining over 100ml between them.  Strip wash before settling in front of T.V for most of the day.  And this is how its going to be for most of this week.

Back to last week, op day, the 2 lady registrar's appeared to rush in whilst I was waking up in recovery to tell me my Sentinel Node Biopsy came back clear :-).  I nearly lifted myself off the bed I was so ecstatic.  Not sure who was more pleased, me or them.  I remember saying "Does that mean no Chemo?" and realised that they cant' answer that at the moment.
I got back to the ward around 6pm with my sick bowl and managed to catch most of it this time but at least didn't splatter anyone else.
Wednesday, once my painkillers kicked in, I started to feel better and getting excited by the indication that I may be able to go home Thursday and when that time I arrived I carried on as I would normally,  forgetting I had just had a major operation and this made me feel sick again, pushed my temperature and blood pressure up.  Rachel knew as soon as she saw me and said "Still want to go the the pub then ? I guess not!"  

James and Lynne are kindly taking to my post- op appointment this Wednesday.  This is when it will be reported back to me the full test results of the tumour they found in December and hopefully my Treatment plan.  A good start is knowing Cruella's sister didn't leave the breast. I'm feeling really lucky :-)

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