Thursday, 20 January 2011

No Confirmed News however

early indications are that there were multicfocal sites removed  last week same as discovered in December.  All the same, Lobular breast cancer and some non cancerous cells. Unfortunately the full test results from last weeks op didn't make the MDT meeting yesterday so the Oncologist has not reviewed them.
My Consultant surgeon's opinion is that as all the breast tissue has been removed it will be unlikely that I will need Chemotherapy again. Also this would not have developed during the 12 week break I had from taking Tamoxifen in the summer.  Due to the scar damage on the new breast, it is unlikely that Radiotherapy will be recommended.  This is all backed up by the excellent news that the Lymph nodes were clear.  I am so grateful I had my op and they found it early on.

Unfortunately I have also developed an infection on the area of the wound where they had to re cut into the same scar tissue from December's op.  No on a 5 day course of antibiotics to clear that up. Both Drains now removed starting to feel less disabled but still need to rest. 

Maybe next week I can crack open the champagne!!

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