Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ready for a day of needles and scans

which is all in aid of  new technology for Sentinel Node Location / Imaging in 2 parts. 
Part 1 Injection and first imaging session lasting approximately 1 hour
Part 2  If necessary (criteria unknown to me ) Imaging about 3 or 4 hours later lasting approximately 1 hour.
One of the injections will be of a slightly radioactive substance.  At some point I will be injected with dye. 
This is to assist  my surgeon on Tuesday, identifying the Primary lymph node gate (my terminology) and remove gates 1 & 2 before continuing with my mastectomy and reconstruction.  The removed sample will be immediately tested in a machine called OSNA ( to see if cancer has travelled out of the breast in the Lymph system.  With the results, a decision can be made during the operation as to whether to continue with a clearance or not  as opposed to doing one straight away as in my last mastectomy in Oct 2009.  Saving my lymph nodes reduces the risk of Lymphedema.  I will be pleasantly surprised if this has stayed inside the breast this time. 
Going to Bristol on the train tomorrow but not sure what time I'm getting back.  My friend and work colleague Alice, is Holly sitting tomorrow night so Holly can stay at home and Rachel will land Tuesday afternoon  for the week to take over.  
Book ready, iPod charged.  Suppose I could pack my bag but not feeling inspired to do much.  

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