Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year and a funny thought for the day

Thanks everyone for your kind comments via blog, facebook, phone email and cards. They all help. Jo & Jo your card most certainly made me laugh.  I did mention to Holly about going to find a Karaoke bar and she shook her head (in terror I think).  I reminded her when we went to Tenerife February 2005 with Sharon Laura and Matthew when we lived in Brackley and one evening we did end up in a Karaoke bar. My turn arrived and  Robbie Williams' Angels was my choice.  Whilst I was singing my heart out the DJ went over to Sharon and asked her if her mate had a sense of humour and next thing he came out with tissue paper stuffed in his ears and waving a lighter.
New Years eve we went to Worcester to Kerri's house and I was telling them about your card the above story and as we were about to embark on an evening of SingStar and we all burst into the song I will survive by Gloria Gayner.   Thanks Guys xx

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  1. Hey Sue.

    Im sorry to hear about the diagnosis in december, not the best start to the new year i suppose!
    youve already come so far, so whats a little more to someone as upbeat as you! and you've taught me a lot about silver linings!
    i hope you feel better soon (:

    Lotsa love. (: Josie xx

    say Hi to Holly for me (: