Thursday, 30 December 2010

A good positive thought for the day.

Lying in bed this morning thought of another positive to all this.  At least I won't have to have any more mammograms!

I am trying to sort out practical arrangements.  When I get out, my lovely neighbours Sarah and Debb's are going to take turns to help wash me.  I can empty the drains and record the volume.
What is proving difficult is care for Holly when I'm in hospital as Holly doesn't seem to want to discuss her options.  Have now told her she has till Friday to make a decision or I'll make it for her.
The  other issue I have is that on Monday 10th I have to have injections and scans (I'll explain in another post) for most of the day before my op on Tuesday 11th where I have to be on the ward for 7:30am. Now it makes sense to me due to the distance I live from the hospital (1 hours plus drive ) and the time I have to be there the next day, to have a bed from Monday night but have been told this morning that I don't qualify and to look at other alternatives.

I really don't fancy going up to Bristol 2 days on the trot and the 2nd trip being silly o'clock in the morning but currently that's looking like my plan B.

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